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New to Netrider in QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 800RR, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Quick intro. I'm Gianni and have recently relocated to Brisbane from Sydney. I've owned an MV Brutale 800RR for nearly 12 months. Loving it so far. Also Loving the roads up here Qld. Look forward to meeting some of you on the road. Cheers.
  2. Welcome! :cool:

    Lovely bike too :)
  3. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  4. Welcome Gianni, The QLD crew look like they are getting some regular rides together so hope you can catch up with them.
  5. Thanks guys
  6. Welcome Gianni :)
  7. Welcome from up on the Sunny Coast mate!
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  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. image. Welcome to the forum mate. Have we met before when you were in Sydney?

    Awesome bike. Love mine to bits.
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  10. Hi George, yes we have. How are you? We went on a ride when I just got the bike and have the picture of the two bikes at Spencer.
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  11. Welcome to NR
  12. Welcome to QLD and NR, plenty of fun roads about here
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  13. Aloha 800RR800RR , you've come to the sunshine & less traffic! :)
    Awesome sexy bike you have (I'm jealous)... Welcome to the nut house and keep an eye out for organised rides in the Events Qld thread.

    See ya round!
  14. Glad to hear from you again Gianni. Thought that was you when you mentioned you're name.

    I absolutely LOVE my bike. Been having some starting issues the last few months - bike starts first thing in the morning but after that (hot or cold, short or long rides later) she will take a fair amount of cranking over before she fires up. Changed to a new Lithium battery but still the same.
    Seemed to have found a 'fix' for this the past week (if you hold the start button down and then only pull the clutch lever in till the bike starts turning over and keep the clutch at the friction point she seems to start up very easily again). Will be taking the bike in to the dealer this week to check everything out.

    Need a new rear tyre - just reached 8700km and it's well and truly stuffed. Will stick with the new Rosso III since I was most happy with the Rosso II supplied as OE.

    Hope you are enjoying Brisbane and all the new roads that it brings.
  15. Hi George, keen to hear how you go with the starting issues as I have noticed my bike can be difficult to start from time to time.
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  16. will do
  17. Hey George, how did you go with the starting issue? Has it been solved?
  18. Dealer ordered 5 sprag clutch warrenty kits so they will call once they have it to do replacement.

    The 'fix' as described above works a charm though.