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New to Netrider: Hello World! :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kojihama, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Just thought i'd say hello. I'm a very new (to be) rider having only just finished my QRide course (I did RideSmart at Boondall, BNE) on the weekend. I already have a bike lined up which i'm picking up today and i'm sh!tting my pants dreading the rider home.. about 30 minutes.

    First things first, this morning i'll be organising some insurance (QBE seems cheapest with NRMA following) and then i'll be going to a local bike shop and picking up all my gear. I'm hoping I can get a package deal as I want to get all my kit at the same time. Once that's done a quick stop to Qld Transport to grab some transfer papers and then head to where the Bike is.

    It's a 2002 Suzuki GS500. I can't recommend this bike enough to fellow riders within a LAMS state. Having done quite a bit of research on here and other forums / reviews, the GS500 is cheap and has a bit more grunt than a 250 (I took it for a test ride yesterday). Great learner bike and great bang for buck. The one I found has a few scratches on it, but i'm not fussed at all as it's my first bike and i'm bound to drop it a few times. The other bike I was looking at was the Honda VTR250 but at about $1k price premium to the GS500. I did also look at the CB400, but realistically the price of around $11k is just excessive for a bike which you WILL drop.

    I only intend to keep it for 12 months and I have eyed off the Honda CB600RR already (or maybe the CB600F, can't decide, leaning towards RR).

    Anyway, good luck to all other new riders out there. I hope your experience is as rewarding, challenging and exciting as mine has been. If there's any other BNE based noobs who would like to ask any questions feel free; i'm more than happy to share my experiences to help other hopefuls out there.


    Edit: sorry mods, I didn't realise there was a specific welcome lounge. Feel free to move this post.
  2. Welcome to netrider...

    Enjoy that first ride home, nothing beats it.
  3. HI! I've been riding for a year and a half now and live in Brisbane. Congratulations on passing the Qride course, that is a big one out of the way! You will find a good learning curve about to happen now, have fun, ride safe and enjoy your new bike!!!!!
  4. So I went to the local Team Moto and bought all my gear. They didn't really budge on price.. I saw the guy work his calculator and it was approx 7% discount across the board on the "package". Not sure what the margins are, but being retail... I could only assume what kind of killing these guys make.

    Ended up with:
    1. DriRider Nordic boots.. <-- seem a bit stiff, so I hope they wear in and flex more.
    2. Draggin Jeans
    3. DriRider Climate Control Pro jacket
    4. DriRider gloves of some sort
    5. AGV Air Tech Rapid helmet
    6. Oxford Tank bag

    I did try on the Shoei TZR as well, but they only had one left of the size I needed (fat head and glasses) and that one had some sort of scratch on it. Paying $800 for a helmet I knew it'd piss me off for the 4-5 years i'd have it.

    Quite happy walking away with what I got given my budget.

    After that, went to QLD transport, picked up a registration transfer form. Filled it half out. Went to where the bike was located, finished off the paper work, handed over some $$ and rode back towards the local QLD transport to sort out the rego transfer. Had the misses follow me in the car.. nearly stalled it on the first hill start.. but other than that.. not too bad.

    SORTED! I've now done 50 odd k's and am getting more comfortable as I go along. Next stage is to start riding to work with local friends who also ride to work.. yee har! :)
  5. this is probbably a bit late but if you are looking for more gear have a look at http://www.ridersdiscount.com/ i just started riding also and bought most of my gear from them. (took about 2 weeks in the mail to come)

    i was going to buy from local dealers however they didnt have some of the gear i wanted and were going to have to "get it in" (i can do that myself i thought), and the gear they did have was close to twice the price of what im getting it delevered to my door for from riders discount.

    So basically anything i could get from local dealers for within about 15% of what i could get it shipped in i bought locally the rest (boots, gloves, knee/shin guards and new visor) i got form overseas and saved a lot.

    We need to support local business if we want to have bike shops, but when the margin is 50% and they are only offering 5 or 10% discount(if that)...welll im not just gonna throw money at them.

    EDIT: hi and welcome by the way :)
  6. good onya Koj ':]
  7. Thanks Bill!

    Update: I have since started riding into work with today being my first day. Geez people really like hugging your rear wheel don't they. I just plod along and let people over take (whilst maneuvering to the left of the lane if possible). But, I survived. My hill starts are still touch and go... leaving my work car park the exit is quite steep, about 40 degrees and I nearly lost it for a sec. Lucky no one was behind me.