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New to Netrider - Hello All!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by marti_, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone. Been saving for a Kawasaki GPX250 and have been checking out the discussion on bikes here for a while. THought it was about time i registered. I'm looking at getting a newish model GPX250, not brand spanking new, but newish used (save about 1k on the price tag i think).

    Being a student, its been a long wait saving up every cent i earn. But i should be ready to go shortly cash-wise. I'm looking forward to being able to go for a ride with others learners and experienced riders. A few people I know have bikes/or a getting one soon.

    take it easy peoples.
  2. Hi Marti_ and welcome

    You will find heaps of good info here. :grin: :cool:
  3. welcome marti, dont forget to save for gear / insurance's and registrations
  4. Dante: gear is going on the credit card :wink: , hoping to get a bike with a bit of rego to go, and i believe you can pay insurance monthly. Gear is going to cost alot. Im looking at spending around $1000 for that (after some shopping around). Previously I didn't realize just how many extras are involved in getting a bike. I guess alot of people commit the same mistake thou.
  5. yeah you can pay insureance monthly but they may charge you an admin fee extra..per month + a setup fee..

    when your getting gear dont forget to get a netrider membership discount. :) :)
  6. But then its worth it. Small suggestion, a good set of riding gears is always better than a good bike. Remember its your skin that goes when you fall so don't be stingy and think of postponing it. Get youself a reliable and decent set of all weather gears. Happy riding and welcome to the gang :butt:
  7. Yep gotta agree with Yamraj, do not skimp on your gear, in the event of an off it is the only thing between you and the horrible surface wanting to rip your skin off.

    Welcome to the insanity that sometimes prevails.

  8. Welcome Marti!

    Yep the longest time to wait is for your first bike :grin:

    On the gear take a good look around often you will find stuff that is last years model for a lot less than normal.

    Look in the back of shops ask for a Netrider discount [you have to join first only $5].

    anyway welcome and enjoy
  9. Hi Marti

    I am new here also, long time reader first time poster. Can't wait to meet you all on the next organised ride.


  10. Welcome marti might see you on a ride soon :)

    Where bouts are you studying?
  11. kraven: studying at deakin uni. Having a bike will kick ass, parking at Deakin can be insane (try 40 mins to get a car park!).

    Scumbag & YAMRAJ: good point. i have to do a lot of investigation into what i need.
  12. It generally works out cheaper to take it out annually and put it on your credit card, even at credit card % rates.
  13. Hi marti_ :)

    As the others said, if it means an older bike, don't overlook the cost of gear. I used to go to deakin so I know what the parking's like but an older bike can park in the same spot if need be. You can't replace your arse and with winter comming on, it'll freese clean off without some decent gear. :)
  14. 1k is a pretty good amount for gear i think, an extra $200 for better boots and gloves might pay off though.

    $300 helmet
    $300 jacket
    $200 draggins
    $150 boots
    $50 gloves

    have fun with the shopping and make sure you get a 10% discount minimum when you hand over a grand for your gear, good luck.
  15. As far as i know the gpx never changed so the older models are identical to the newer models.

    I have a few friends that go to deakin(Burwood) and i ride past every day on my way home so i know how bad the parking is, i always see a scooter and a cb250 parked out on the grass in front of the oval (Are you not allowed to park bikes in deakins grounds or something?)
  16. Hi marti_ and also janet. welcome to the madness.

    i'll leave all the useful bike and gear recommendations to everyone else. i'm just here to add to the noise & clutter rather than offer anything meaningful. more decorative than functional really :)

    enjoy the ride, c x
  17. Heres a great way to safe on interest on your purchase. Buy all your gears n pay your insurance on a credit card preferably towards the begining of the statement period so you have enough time to pay. Before that apply for a low rate Balance Tranasfer credit card. Aussie gives you at 3.99 for 6 months. Then once you get the card just transfer and all you pay is AUD 27 per anum and the 3.99 % interest instead of the standard 10-16%. Hows zat :wink:
  18. thanks for the advice guys and gals. I had a look at some gear today, just to get an idea of prices. I'm gonna find out exactly what i want and check out different prices.
    Kraven: i think u can park anywhere at deakin. seen bikes parked pretty much on the grounds.
    YAMRAJ, Mouth:I'll definately will have to factor for insurance.
  19. Welcome to Netrdier Marti_, and as you can see, lots of good advice already!