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VIC New to Netrider, Ararat

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mr blackstock, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. G'day,

    Forgot to attend the intro section. Been riding for awhile now, on a variety of old bikes, mostly 70's and 80's bikes, usually in horrible condition. My current ride is a Yamaha FJ1100, just recently put a fresh engine in, the last one lasted 250,000kms before burning a valve. I decided it was cheaper to replace the whole lot. Pretty hard finding an old engine with low kms. Sadly not many good roads to ride around Ararat, but I got the Grampians.

    Anyway, I look forward to looking over the site, learning some new stuff, and hopefully the bike keeps running sweet so I don't have to ask advice on fixing her. Old bikes can be a pain to fix.....

    Cheers, Gareth
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  2. Welcome Gareth, The Grampians are a great place to play around and you have the Pyranees over east of you towards Avoca so things aren't too bad. :)
  3. Welcome bloke.
  4. G'day mr blackstockmr blackstock, spend a bit of time in the Grampians myself, a nice day's ride for me, too bad the Mt Victory road is closed, luv that run
  5. Welcome to NR..
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome mate :cool:
  8. Hello and welcome to NR neighbour :happy: Nice bike you've got there (y) I will keep an eye on you in town. And if you see a black CBR500, say hello. Grampians are fantastic, so are the Central Goldfields. Put a photo of your Yamma up in Showcase when you can upload them (usually after about 10 posts).
  9. Welcome mate :)
  10. Welcome. Might see you around that area a bit!
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  11. Welcome Gareth,
    250K isn't too bad between engines. Hope this one lasts too.

    Have you done the 'Ride to Remember' ?
    A few of us have attended over the last couple of years and Fr33dmFr33dm was on the commitee last year.
    You might have already met.
    We might see you there next year. In the meantime, enjoy.
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  12. We did have terrific time! Are you coming next year? The proposed route looks fantastic and will go through the Halls Gap once again.

    Would love to see the usual suspects and some new faces too. Party at my house Sat night (y)
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  13. Already got my milker booked (y)(y)
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  14. Awesome! February 5th, I'll better start stocking up mattresses and beverages :whistle:
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  15. Welcome Gareth :)
  16. Welcome Gareth, another from western VIC, almost becoming fashionable to be from out there :woot:
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  17. Ararat cringes - "those bikies are at it again":nailbiting::nailbiting:
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  18. Hello hello
  19. Pff :wtf:! And your point being....?

    I'm a model citizen and a well respected professional in this tiny town and among my neighbours. So once a year I can have a hell raising party and wake them all up at 8am on Sunday with all the engines singing...

    The town is actually very supportive of this ride, and lots of locals get out to the Main Street to see the riders off and then to welcome them back. This year I had lots of encouragement from my next doors. Next year will be no different :smug:
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