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New to Netrider and to Aussie!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tubbsy, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Hi all, landing in Sydney to live from New Zulund in 2 weeks and have been scouring e-bay and the like for a decent bike. One thing that is confusing the fark outta me, what the heck are green slips and pink slips and blue slips, and what's with all the hassle of re-registering a bike from a different state?

    Sucks a lot of the fun out of buying one far away and riding it home don't it?
  2. Gudday,

    The punk slup es for whun the buke passes a rego unspectun. The blue slup is for whun the bike gous over the puts and the green slup is for unsurunce.
  3. Not quite.

    the above is almost true for NSW.

    pink slip is a minor inspection before rego done by a mechanic

    Blue slips are a little more serious by not overly so and are also done by a mechanic. They are to get rego for a bike that has let the rego lapse

    Greens slips are mandatory third party insurance for injury to people that you must get when you renew rego. They are not third party property and damage insurance, which is the minimum recommended for a bike..

    Other states have different policies. In VIC you need an inspection to sell a bike (well you need to prove one has been done to put it in your name)

    In QLD they have green slips but they may work a little differently.

    QLD also has solo rego, which is a bit cheaper, but means you cant' carry a passenger(?).
  4. welcome in tubbsy, what ibast said :)
  5. He he he....you should get that typing problem seen to matey. :wink:

  6. Ah wicked, thanks mate. Had a bit of a look around some of the sites they have on it, but that stuff is more confusing than anything. Is it the same with cars?
  7. Remember too, that you must register your bike in your name within 28 days of purchase, otherwise you will cop a large rise in the transfer fee.... (in NSW anyway)

    or, to put it another way

    remimber, too, that you must rigister your bike un your name wuthun 28 days of purchase, otherwise you wull copy a large rise un the trunsfer fee .....
  8. Any vehicle that requires registration -

    I bought my present car in SA. It was the only manual VS wagon for sale at the time. It had NT plates and the rego had just expired. I had two choices:
    a) apply for a permit to drive it unregistered directly to the nearest NSW motor registry (Wentworth? Broken Hill?)
    b) have the owner register it in SA, transfer it to me, drive it home, get it registered in NSW and cancel the SA rego.

    I opted for b) as I wanted to take my time going back.

    The car had to get a 'blue slip' because it was an interstate transfer. It got knocked back initially as the windscreen had a tiny crack in it, and the reverse light switch in the gearbox was buggered. I got those fixed, got the car registered here, and applied for a refund of the balance of the SA rego.

    Five years later - I just had a 'pink slip' (it's actually white these days) inspection done. The reverse light switch has died again, but because it's a pink slip and not blue it's OK and the car passed. Try and work that logic out.

    It's a feckin' joke. There should be a national registration system.

  9. Then there wouldn't be multiple fees going into the gubbinments coffers would there? Ahh Gubbinment....gotta love 'em...well not really.

    Thinks bro's ay, gud info ay, utherwise I'd be beached as bro. =D>
  10. He he he...I better get used to that I s'pose. :wink:
  11. HiDee HoDee & welcome tubbsy.

    Have fun getting your head around the rego and insurance caper, I'm still struggling with the NSW system after coming here from Victoria lol.
    As for the really bad impersonations of your accent - they don't get any better :rofl: Even after 26 years I'm still faced with folks sounding like Bob Marley who think they're doing Billy Connolly :p
  12. In another life, I used to work for a small shipping agent in Sydney.

    There was a Kiwi lass there who worked in inward freight. Consignees would ring up to get the freight payable (after exchange rates, levies and so on where calculated.) One memorable voyage, the forty foot container rate came to $6666.66

    The whole office (it was that small) would burst out laughing as callers would ask her to repeat the charges over and over again -

    'Sux thousund sux hundrud and suxty-sux dollars suxty-sux cents'.
    'Sorry, didn't quite catch that' :rofl:
  13. Classic :D

    There are some seriously cringeworthy ones here, makes me think that sometimes people don't actually realise how they sound.
  14. Very sad.....just sold my bike.....I'm bikeless till I get to Aussie. :-(

    I do get to go bike buying though. :) (once I find a job)
  15. what type of bike are u after?

    and what type of job?
  16. Probably a cruiser, but budget may dictate. I am also pretty keen on a Hyosung GT650

    Jobwise....currently I'm an I.T monkey, but also gonna look at personal training jobs (qualified PT), and have even been thinking about motorcycle mechanic apprentice. Moving country is one of those opportunities that allow you to re-invent yourself however you want.
  17. lol ok, why a hyosung? thats a rude word around here :)

    where abouts in Syd are u moving to?
  18. Just an idea, my 2fiddy I just sold was the Hyo GT250. Dunno why they have a bad rep.....great bikes.

    Pretty much any bike that takes my fancy really.....just checked out your site, some nice cruisers on there.

    At the moment, we have a place to live in Wollstonecraft for 2 months, then will find a place to stay close to wherever the jobs we find are. Got interviews lined up for all manner of jobs......including PT and I.T monkey.
  19. Wollstonecraft, geez, pretty good, top views, pretty much heart of the city outskirts
  20. I Thunk you shood