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New To Netrider And New Bike I Just Bought Hoping To Meet New people

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Fearhasnocure, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just signed up to netrider and i would love to meet some of you guys and go for a ride , really looking forward to meeting some new people and going for some rides. I havnt had alot of riding experiance under my belt but i just got myself a new bike the ducati hypermotard 796 2012 model and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction or some people i should talk to that could introduce me to some people.

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  2. To meet NRs in Melbourne, nothing beats Saturday Learner Practice at Elwood. Not just for learners - can get some great advice, get in some slow riding cone practise and gossip about bikes and stuff.

    Also plenty of rides; learner level and up (altho the learner rides are great for everyone too; it's just that they're a bit more structured). Also Tuesday night learner rides which will become more popular as the weather improves. Often rides on Sundays. For more experienced riders, there's the all day Saturday rides, plus Thursday night.
  3. Welcome to Netrider. Plenty of days to get out and meet people from Netrider.

    Check out Saturday practice sessions for a bit of chinwag.
    Sunday learners/new riders for a relaxed sunday ride.

    And plus there are various coffee meetups/mid week ride days you can attend. and yeah, you will get some shit for owning a Ducati. I really hope you have a good sense of humor to take it all in. Its all meant in a fun and shitstirring way. Each to their own.

    Btw have the indicators stopped working yet? :p
  4. burnouts and wheelies....always helps.
  5. Melbournes a big place, helps if you narrow it down a bit, does your duke rattle, Dry clutch,
  6. Welcome aboard mate nice ride what part of melb you hail from
  7. hey guys thanks for the reply , im from ferntree gully....just got the ducati just over a month ago and as in for my sense of humor yeah i sure do i can take crap well lets say im use to it being in the army hehehe nah no problems whatso ever with the bike itself i actually found it to be one of the most comfy bikes to ride.
  8. ill try come down next saturday or sunday to the ride which i hear people keep talking about - where abouts are those meeting point to either one of the days?
  9. Come along to the Tuesday night coffee meetup if you want to meet some other riders. Quite a few of them are on Ducati's also. Current location is at Lazy Moes Forest Hill. 6pm onwards.

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    I work in forest hill so that sounds great
  11. Welcome aboard. See you around.