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New to Netrider and motorcycling

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by brynodermatt, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Always wanted to own a motorbike and have now finally bitten the bullet. Booked my Ls for the 1st of October and threw a holding deposit down on a Triumph Street Triple 660.

    A question that has popped into my head is whether it's better to use your own gear, the training providers or does it not matter?

    I'm sure it's not a hill to die on but interested to hear your opinions. If you have any other advise as to what I can be doing to prepare between now and then, all suggestions gleefully accepted.


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  2. Welcome mate. Use your own gear (helmet, jacket, gloves etc) but use the bikes provided. Good luck!
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  3. yes good advice
    last year my wife failed her learners using there gear none of it fit well and the helmet was skunky
    she just re did her testing this weekend in her own gear that we purchased last week
    guess what ?
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  4. Cool man! I'm happy to mentor her!;):D

    I mean I owe you a hug from yesterday's snubbing, it's the least I can do. I assume she passed.
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  5. might take you up on that
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  6. 9 for 9.30 start. 7/11 Rowville.
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  7. #7 chilliman64, Aug 21, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
    gday Bryn and welcome to NR, best ofluck with your L's!

    agree, use your own if you have some, especially the helmet

    yep - this

    UG - please pass on my congrats to Aunty for passing - does Angie get a mini-Ape?

    yes I saw that snubbing - how rude!
  8. GO ANGIE!
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  9. Thanks for your early responses. Looks like I'm out shopping this week for a helmet, jacket, gloves and boots.

    About time I caught my wife up on what she spends.
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  10. Welcome mate :cool:
  11. don't share too much info on how much you spend. the chillibabe says I can spend whatever I like as long as I show her the receipts - then she knows how much she has to spend. the only problem is that I never see her receipts... :bag:
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  12. LOL That's a race you'll never win! And, Her spending - necessity. Your spending - discretionary. But good on you for trying
  13. Her spending...an additional card holder.
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  14. welcome aboard :)

    good luck for your Ls, nice bike :)
  15. There's a spare bed at our place, just give us a call and we'll make it up for you.
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  16. Welcome to NR. My advice : practice some if you can away from prying eyes , particular slow speed pass several meters between lines. Unless they do now road test. Good luck.
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  17. thank you mate, I might have to get you to send me some fuel money too
  18. You can go cheap and then want to upgrade in a year's time, or go more expensive straight up. Get the best helmet you can afford, the other stuff you can go cheaper, upgrade later, and then have two sets of gear.
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  19. Il send my bike up, it will need about 1/2 a tank to get you here! ;)
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  20. Welcome brynodermattbrynodermatt
    Congrats! If you're worried about spending ... Then don't ride! It's cheaper to get a vasectomy :eek::D

    As the peeps have said ; use your own gear more comfy that way.
    Use the schools bike in case of a drop etc.
    Also they can be a bit on the older and rougher side sometimes - so if you can learn on sub-par & pass, your new baby will feel like silk :)