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New to Netrider and just got new bike.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by M50, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Just a thread to say HI to all and also to get info on upcoming rides/cruises near me in Ringwood Victoria. I just bought a Suzuki M50 Boulevard and am hoping to get any helpful tips and hints on the bike.
    Thanks for reading and am looking forward to meeting more people from Netrider.

  2. Congratulations on the purchase and welcome to Netrider !

    You will find this is the best place for frinedly chat and information.

    Enjoy........ :grin:
  3. Thanks paulm. I am enjoying reading the forums.
  4. Yes, we are all friendly, even to arsewipes like you. Oops, sorry, the Tourett's playing up again.

    Seriously, welcome to the nest place for a quick answer to any bike question. In fact, we can give you a while range of answers to choose from.
  5. Thanks. I think.
  6. :grin: :grin:
    (rare emoticon use from Heinz)
  7. Thanks Heinz. I am honoured.:)
  8. Welcome, Netrider is the place to be. And we do have a couple of M50 riders here, I recollect, so you should be able to swap notes :).
  9. Welcome. (Now where are the 50+ posts about this being in the wrong forum?) :LOL: :grin:
  10. Thanks all.. Would any M50 riders please PM or leave a post here? I would like to change to after market pipes and need some advice on which ones that don't attract police attention. Does that make sense? Hmm...
  11. Another boulevard rider hey..

    No need to buy new pipes, get the baffles out.. :twisted:

    welcome to NR..
  12. Thanks Blue14. Being pretty new to Melbourne and all, Your call was Extremely helpful! Thanks a million!
  13. welcome mate , nice cruiser the M50 .. :cool:
  14. Hi and welcome.

    I have a 2006 M50 ,its a great bike.
    Like Blue14 said ,drill the pipes ,8 holes in each pipe ,or rip the guts out of it.
    Vroom vroom :LOL:
  15. He, he. I was waiting for Sled's ears to prick up. :)
  16. Congrats and welcome aboard.
  17. No probs mate.. :grin:
  18. Thanks Mean 1. The bike is great. Just rode her around just now and realised she needs aftermarket pipes or the lack thereof.

  19. Thanks Sled, I am hoping to meet Blue14 in the coming weeks so I can use his drills and stuff to debaffle the pipes.

  20. Hi Rourkster,I need all the help i can get!