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New to Motorcycling, Looking forward to the ride!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by FYTHamer, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. My Wife and I have just bought a couple of bikes (Honda CB125E for my missus and a Yamaha V-Star 250 for me to learn on and pass on to my wife after I have learnt and want a bigger bike.) She decided that she likes the look of mine more and the lower seat height as she is a bit vertically challenged 5" 0.

    We are just about to embark on our first riders course to get us going. Family and friends have called us crazy, but what the heck, our son has now moved out of home and its just the two of us, so we need some new adventures (as long as we do it safely, which in the case of my wife will be exactly that!)

    Any tips that we should really consider? (I know there is probably a lot of tips to find here and online elsewhere, but looking and trying to work out what's best with regards to tips does not seem as easy as asking the experienced and getting a direct response.)

    Hope to see you on some cross country cruises!


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  2. Welcome to the forum and to the passion. First tip is you will get lots of naysayers telling why you shouldn't go motorcycling. Look on them as lesser beings, they have never experienced the smell of eucalyptus after a light rain shower as you wind up through the hills, the camaraderie of a group ride, the being in the moment that motorcycling brings. They are more to be pitied than listened too.

    There are a few threads on getting woman's gear for the more diminutive, it seems to be a perennial problem. Take it easy, come back in thread when you have done your riders course and let us know how you get on. (y)
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  3. G'day and welcome, FYTHamerFYTHamer. All the best to you both for the rider training, as ChrisChris said, we'll be interested to learn how it went.
  4. welcome aboard:] take your time, have fun & enjoy :]
  5. Welcome aboard, and good luck with your initiation. Take care and have fun!
  6. Welcome to NR. Enjoy the journey together. :happy:
  7. Welcome to both of you, be sponges and soak up all the info you can, kit yourselves out properly and keep increasing your skills. Enjoy the ride!
  8. Welcome! Those bikes are excellent choices for beginners. Best tip is to relax and take your time learning the basics, and before you know it you'll have the confidence to move on to side streets and then traffic.

    Don't worry about this for now, but once you feel ready, learn to countersteer.
  9. Wow! You and your wife sound fun! Take it slow and enjoy your adventures together.
  10. Hi FYTHamer, family worry but what's life without a bit of fun? Hubby and I are older newbies too. It's great when the one you love, loves what you love.