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NSW New to motorcycling at 59 and a half

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Houlie, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, Well the last five and a half years have been a roller coaster, and I'm far from getting off the ride. After 26 years in the Police Force (Detective, so go easy on me) I hit the wall just over five years ago and decided to take a breather for a couple of months, but then was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The biggest, and best kick in the arse I've ever had. Had the kidney taken out, retired with a whole new perspective on life. Seen a lot of carnage, and swore you'd never see me on a motorcycle, however I've always been envious of motorcyclist, so I decided I don't want to die of 'Someday' disease, and with my 50 year old wife, at the ripe old age of 59 and a half purchased our bikes. 11 days ago we were issued with our L's! Another first today I found Netrider, what a great site. Thanks for letting me join you, and I wish you all safe rides ahead.

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  2. Welcome HoulieHoulie. As this is a mid life crisis (so we're told), you're going to get really really old!
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    Hello and welcome to NR HoulieHoulie :happy:!

    Great decision (y)! Congrats on retirement, winning one of the hardest battles life can throw at you, and on getting on two wheels. Doing it together with your wife is fantastic, she sounds like a true mate and a keeper!

    Enjoy every mile, ride to your heart's content and share your riding adventures with us. Post some pics of your rides when you can.
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  4. Oh, and watch out for Russians, especially the tall seductive (and good looking) types.
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  5. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Enjoy the ride
  6. I really hope so Pete
  7. Just like me.
  8. Thanks, will do!
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  9. Congrats mate, enjoy the ride! Nothing like a breath of greasy air the reinvigorate the system....

    What did the 2 of you up purchasing?
  10. Cheers thanks
  11. Welcome aboard :)

    Congrats on the Ls and the bikes, they'll be the best retirement gift of all.

  12. Better get the misses to join up HoulieHoulie, you've just met one half of a great team.
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  13. I got a Yamaha xvs 650 Classic, while the wife has started on a Yamaha VStar 250. Both second hand to make it a little less expensive to upgrade once we're finished with the P's.
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  14. Will do, if I can drag her away from her knitting
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  15. Cheers Jeffco.
  16. Oh those Russians :sneaky:! I believe they've been taken care of recently :whistle:

    As you can see HoulieHoulie, we tend to derail the intro threads of new members, and we tend to start early with the ones we like more (y)

    Agree with PetesulPetesul, we'd love to see Mrs. HoulieHoulie and her new ride!
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  17. Thanks heaps GeorgeO, looking forward to learning and participating
  18. As soon as I get the gist of the forum and adding photos, I'll happily put them up. Hanks again for the welcome everyone.
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  19. you need a certain number of posts to be able to upload pics (i think it's 10?)

    If you want to tag a person put the @ sign in front of the name
  20. Good on you Houlie and Mrs Houlie! Enjoy life, enjoy the ride, and enjoy this awesome nuthouse. :)
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