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New to motorcycles

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kurichigo, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Hey everybody,

    Im planning on getting my learners and buying a bike in the coming months. im 5'7" and 58kg and my total budget is roughly $5000(inc money for gear). Mostly using for my commute to work/tafe. Which is around the inner western suburbs and city pretty much.
    Been looking around the forums and im interested in the honda cbr 125r. Had a question about the price though. In one of the threads it mentions the retail price of the honda cbr 125r at $3,990 with cashback. Why is that alot of people are selling their 2nd hand hondas for $4k+?

    Is there another bike that can compare at that price range?

  2. Welcome to Netrider, first of all.

    Secondly, since the 125 is such a new model, there may not be many on the market second-hand, yet :?

    That said, even for inner-city work and commuting, you would still be better served by an older 250; a bit more power to stay out of the way of the nutters on Parramatta Road, if you know what I mean.
  3. yeh i know exactly what u mean. if i was after something with fairings, sportier look and small enough to fit my height, what 250's would you recommend?

    been looking at the ninja 250r, i would have to wait an extra few months to afford that and i dont really wanna buy a new bike for the first bike coz i know im gona drop it most likely.
  4. Looked at the VTR250? Yes yes I realise its not faired, but that will save you $$ on the cost of insurance, plus its an awesome bike, and are great for riding around town or along the twisties :)
    However if you must have a bike with fairings, the Kawasaki ZZR250 is a popular choice and they are reasonably easy to find at a good price. Good luck :)
  5. kurichigo, following along the idea of a VTR250, what you really need to learn is a reliable, fast Spada. Have I got a deal for you ..... :grin:

  6. Gday matey...

    In regards to your request, use this link

    it has extensive information on what you require.

    Welcome to the riding world
  7. Have a look at a Kawasaki GPX250, they are about a grand cheaper than the ZZR250 usually.
  8. Yep. Also have a look at the Suzuki Across - which has the advantage of a helmet-sized storage container where the fuel tank should be which could be useful in you're mainly using it to commute.
  9. Have a look at:

    GPX250 - Faired Bike can be picked up only a few years old for quite cheap (My housemate has one)
    VTR250 - Naked bike, very forgiving for a learner (I own one)
    ZZR250 - My housemate wanted this cause it looked slightly cooler than the GPX but the price of the second hand GPX's convinced him it wasn't worth it.

    Really all it boils down too is which one you think feels the most comfy to sit on. I have ridden my housemates bike as well as the VTR and think they are both pretty easy to ride, though the VTR is a bit easier to chuck U-turns in. Just go sit on both and see which you like (although for the same money you can probably get a slightly newer GPX than a VTR).

    I would advise against the CBR125, unless you want a scooter with none of the advantages of a scooter (scooter will have more storage space and be easier to maneuver than a CBR125 lol, as well as being cheaper :p). I have had a few times on Parramatta road where i have needed to speed up quickly to get away from the idiot who is swerving everywhere, i don't think i would have been able to quickly get away as easily on anything like the CBR125. Also a new bike will mean you will have to get it serviced at the dealer which is pretty exxy ($150-$300), compared to just doing everything yourself at home.

    You can pickup a topbox for the VTR and i am not sure if there is one for the GPX but i am sure there is something out there for it.