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New to motorbike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phil Ashford, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Hi I have just decide to start riding and have booked my pre-learner course for the end of the month. I have a few friends that ride and been asking them what bike I should get for first bike. I have a budget of $5000 plus another $2000 for gear leathers and helmet. What bike does everyone think I should buy and why?
    Thanks for your help inadvance

  2. Hi and welcome to NR Phil AshfordPhil Ashford . Can't help with bike as it's a very personal choice, but I'm sure you'll get a few takers to help you decide. Good luck with your pre-learner course! :happy:
  3. Welcome. It's good to see you have a nice budget for a noob, and have set aside plenty for reasonable quality gear too.

    As for the bike, you need to consider what type of riding you will be doing. If you commute through suburbia daily with little other use for the bike, then depending upon your height and weight, a 250cc bike might work. If you are quite tall, heavy or will intend using the bike for touring on highways at constant 90km/h, then a larger capacity bike will be best particularly if you intend keeping it beyond getting off your P's.

    Take the above into account, and now you will have narrowed down what style and size bike is likely to suite you, so then you need to look at what you like in terms of looks, features etc.
    Naked bikes are good for city riding, they are usually cheaper to repair if dropped, but offer little to no protection from rain, wind etc at higher freeway speeds.

    Once you settle on those 2 things, you then need to go and sit on sme bikes to see how well you can reach the ground (or not), how long the reach to the bars is for your arms, and how you can manage the weight of the machine when walking it around while sitting on it.

    As you can see, the question of "What bike should I get?" isn't quite as a simple as it first seems, but with a decent budget, you will have plenty of choice.
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  4. Ninja 650rl
  5. Ninja H2R
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  6. One you can afford;)
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  7. I been looking at Honda CBR500r would that be fine to take test on? And looking around looks like I might have to up my budget to $6000
  8. G'day PhilPhil, welcome to motorcycling and Netrider.

    With the budget you've set, also consider the Honda CB400 SF. For ~$5,000 you could get a 2009 or 2010 model with 20-30K kilometres.

    For ~$6,000 the Honda CBR500R would be another ideal bike to learn on, do the MOST, and keep on riding well after you've got your full license.

    $2,000 is a very good amount to spend on riding gear that will last you many years. Consider a set of wet weather over-pants and jacket (should cost no more than ~$150) as wet leather is something best confined to adult-themed venues (a.k.a. Saturday nights at Uncle GregUncle Greg's house).
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  9. Thank you XJ6N will start looking for CBR's want to get bike and gear sorted this month
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  10. No worries, PhilPhil.

    Try and sit on as many motorcycles as you can while you're looking around. Hondas are great bikes but you never know if another model will just feel right and best for you.

    A lot of people also like the Suzuki GS500, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and many others including all the 250cc models - there are just so many great LAMS motorcycles available.
  11. I for one think 5-6k is too much; buy a cheaper bike(3-4k) and spend the rest on riding lessons or drugs or whatever you're into. Perhaps even save it for your next bike. Don't waste money by overcapitalising, chances are you'll buy something else the moment restrictions are up to think otherwise is nonsense.
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  12. Just looking and found a nice looking hyosung gt650 is this a bit big for a first bike
  13. Hi there Phil, from what I've heard they aren't as reliable as a Kawasaki or Honda, I've heard horror stories about the electricals of that bike. I myself was looking for some cbr500r's online and I can tell u they are one heck of a bike. To answer the question about if a 650 cap. bike is too big, it all depends on your height/weight/maturity, also think about the insurance that comes along with a bigger capacity bike. Since I'm 18 (don't trust myself with a 650) and still in school, paying $500 for my insurance was my limit so I stuck with a ninja 250. That being said I am a big bloke and I wish I at least got a ninja 300. IMHO a second hand cbr500r is ideal for a first bike (if u can find one for $5000, maybe play around with your gear budget if u have some left over assuming you buy your gear before the bike), as 'TWEET' said it all depends on what you're going to use your bike for i.e commuting/weekend toy.
  14. welcome aboard :] try as many bikes as you can, private and dealer.

    When it comes to your gear end of season or clearance items are a good way to save
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  15. Welcome mate. Listen to the TWEET. He is so right some times its scary. :D
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  16. Thanks for the advice I think I will continue to look for a CBR500r for my wanted $5000
  17. Everyone is asking about height/weight and stuff well I am 176cm and 79kg.
  18. Ok so plug those details into Motorcycle Ergonomics and your chosen bike and it will give you and idea of the ride ergonomics for you.
  19. Good luck with your search!
  20. Thanks that's a great web site to check different bikes