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New to motobikes and loving it

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hankster, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Hi people,
    I'm new to motorbikes as of December last year. I've been loving it, commuting all over the place for work on my VTR250 in all weather.

    However I got t-boned on Lygon st the other day on my way in, now have to deal with insurance, new bike new gear all over again, so I thought I'd come here for some advice. Still walking though so happy days really!!!

    see you on the forums !
  2. welcome t the nuthouse mate.

    pity to hear about your accident - hope everything works out for you
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  3. Welcome mate, glad to hear you are ok after your off.

    Yeah dealing with insurance can be a nightmare, hope it all goes smoothly for you.

    Lot's of great advice here for bikes and gears.

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  4. Welcome to NR..

    Sorry to hear abt the bike.. Hope everything gets sorted out soon.
  5. Welcome hanksterhankster, sorry to hear about your prang, sounds like you were lucky.
  6. Luckier than the blokes in the video, it seems!

    Welcome to Netrider, and to the joys of two-wheeling.....
  7. welcome aboard :)

    Sorry to hear about your accident glad you're ok.

    Enjoy the search for a new bike
  8. Welcome hanksterhankster
    Sorry to hear about the vehicular attack. Hope it all works out quickly.
    At least you weren't in another incident published recently.
  9. Aloha hanksterhankster ,

    Hope you're ok. Better to have to deal with the insurance company and HAVE to go shopping (oh, what a damn pity) than to deal with hospitals and funeral places....
    At least now you'll know whether your gear will have stood up to the test or you need to upgrade :rolleyes:

    This is the right place to come for advice - plenty of useful and prob no so useful jabber :D Just have to search through the threads a little. There's heaps of Melbourne riders on this forum so you'll be able to find riding people. Otherwise get yourself to Uncle Greg's saturday skills day rides (See events section) and you'll meet plenty of nutbags there ! stay upright!
  10. Thanks for all the welcome messages!

    I am so keen to get back on a bike. Hopefully they will write off the old one and I'll need to get something new, otherwise I'm faced with a long repair wait and go from a bike that's never been dropped to one that's been pranged!

    The gear was great. I was wearing my RST Ventilator 4 pants zipped onto my RST jacket and the pants def saved my knee. My hip's pretty sore where I wish i was wearing the hip protectors that are optional in those pants ! Doh !

    I had a chat with the guy in the van behind me tonight on the phone. He rekons he's got a dash cam and the video is there. I'll post it here if I'm able to get my hands on it.

    thanks again guys, see you in the 'What bike should I buy' threads.


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  11. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Sorry to hear of your accident.
  12. gday hanksterhankster and welcome to NR - sorry to hear about your accident, hope you heal up ok.
  13. Welcome hanksterhankster, glad to hear you're on the mend & in shopping mode!
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