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New to Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by tomohawk, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. G'day fellas and gals.

    I just recently moved from Perth to Melbourne, and this week am to be picking up my brand spankin' new VTR250. I got my bike licence two years ago in WA, but haven't ridden since my test, so this will be an exciting adventure.

    I used to ride 50cc scooters with big feck off fridges on the back to do deliveries for work, but I hardly think that counts!

    Any other newer riders in Melbourne want to go for some rides, PM me!
  2. G'day tomohawk, welcome to Melbourne and to Netrider! Great choice of bike too. :wink: Enjoy :)
  3. Welcome in, Mate
  4. hi and welcome
    before i lived in melb i was in perth midland area :LOL:
  5. 50cc scooters with fridges on the back? Didn't you tell your boss that they have invented trucks :LOL:???

    Welcome to Netrider anyway; being a Netrider is no weight to carry.....
  6. I wondered if anyone was evening the balance. I know a few people who've moved to Perth from Victoria recently.

    Welcome to this side of the island :).
  7. Welcome.

    Have fun on the new bike.