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New to Melbourne (Pakenham)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mesmer, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Hi there guys, just moved to Melbourne(ish) from WA where I'd been for two years. Before that I spent my life in Scotland. Got myself an old ZZR1100, would love to head out to the Dandenongs with some other riders.


  2. Welcome Alan to netrider. Keep an eye on the ride and event announcements in the forum section and hook up on a ride with other netrider people, they are great days. I am only new myself to netrider but have thoroughly enjoyed getting out on two rides so far. I don't reside far from you so it would be possible for me to hook up soon for a ride up through the hills. How old is the ZZR1100? Regards Mal
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  3. Hi Alan, welcome.

    Don't be shy to post a ride either if you're heading out.

    I'm in Pakenham too, so chuck a post up if you're heading out.
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  4. Cheers guys, much appreciated. Looking forward to heading out sometime. The ZZR is a bit of an old girl now - 17 years. Still goes well though and still looking good despite her advanced years! :)

  5. My ZZR600 is 21 years young.... almost classifies for classic rego!

    Your 1100 has many years left in her yet I imagine mate.
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  6. Welcome Alan , keep her serviced and she'll go for ages .
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  7. Cheers guys. The old girl (only) has 72K on the clock and she gets serviced every 5K, so apart from a dodgy rectifier she's been really good to me. Pulls like a train and even handles relatively well thanks to some Pirelli Diablo Corsas. :)
  8. Welcome Alan. I just realised I was reading your posts in my head with a Scottish accent!
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  9. My 9 is a bit younger in years - it's an '02 - but has recently surpassed 151000km and is still kicking on .
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  10. welcome aboard
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  11. mines only a baby, 2013 model (6 months old), only 16000KM on the clock
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  12. Welcome Alan....From another member in Pakenham :)
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  13. we may have to create a East Gippsland coffee night lol
  14. #14 GoldNine, Apr 10, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
    Are you sure ? Might you not mean west Gippsland ? ;)
  15. (With a really bad fake Scottish accent)...

    Helloo Aalan! Weelkom tuu tha claan! ;)

    (Without a really bad fake Scottish accent)...

    G'day mate. Welcome to Nutrider!

    I see that you haven't been initiated yet, so...

    Are you hot?
  16. Welcome to the area.

    Great place for bike servicing is Powerhouse Motorcycles in Paky. Also there is great riding around the Lang Lang, Nyora, Loch, Poowong, Leongatha, Wonthaggi that you will HAVE to check out.
  17. If the coffee night was in Paky then yes it would be West Gippsland, however as a Maffra boy originally, I thought maybe we could all rocket down from the eastern outer suburbs to Morwell or Traralgon and hook up with other Gippsland members, and that far down the valley is East Gippsland, opps just realised that maybe the question was rhetorical lol
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  18. Didn't know anyone sold coffee, in Gippsland east, west or paky. let alone a coffee shop, very la di da.
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  19. welcome to netrider Alan, as you'd have guessed already, you have choice and choice of rides/directions and riding buddies. enjoy
  20. You talking bout the bike or missus Btw welcome aboard Mesmer if you really want to impress the locals when the opportunity comes up let them know you know how Pakenham got its name, many years ago it had a huge cold store where they used to pack all the Christmas Hams hence Pakenham. :angelic: