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New to Melb and newish to NR...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bluer6, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Some of you may of seen the blue R6 on the black dog ride today. well thats mine (aswell as another one im slowly building into a "modern cafe racer"

    Closed my property maintence business(real estate/ B&Bs mainly) and a few weeks ago my young family and I moved from Tasmania as there was no work in my partners field(bio medical).

    currently living in nunawading and keen to catch up for a ride when able too.
    cheers Tim

  2. Hi Tim, Welcome. Although I am sure the Netriders on the Black Dog ride have already made you welcome.
  3. Welcome Tim, you're on the right side of town for the fun roads, lots to enjoy,
    hopefully your partner can score some work.

    Catch you on a ride...... :peace:
  4. thanks guys,

    bit concerned with stories i've herd about the local police, used to be able to ride 20 minutes to some of the best roads and i only ever saw one police car in nearly years of riding there. so slowly starting to look at turning the other bike into a track bike or something.
  5. welcome to NR, police? why worry about them? we all stay within the limits on this site.
    tick tock tick tock [waiting for it]