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new to me ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by phil01, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. spoilt myself with a another bike this week!8-[

  2. trying to upload...:-s

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  3. Beautiful bike. I have one similar but without the spoke wheels. What year is it?
  4. Another?? Lucky you! I'm stuck with one bike. :D

  5. No spokes , i want your wheels as i need to now
    Spend a day polishing wheels back to presentable

    Tell me why and how you dont have spokes ?
  6. This one is 1100 cc other one 650 is now
    The wifes ...
  7. Mine is 1100, September '06 and came (secondhand) with mags rather than spokes. A picture of it here
  8. Mines 2001
    I took tank badge of today cos it was red and just didnt go
    Better without them .
  9. congrats mate, enjoy the new ride.
    best thing you can do for the bike now is install a pod kit and new pipes! really awakens these bikes.
  10. Hey ben
    Wbat pipes you got
    I want not so loud but deep sound
  11. And is your bike std rake ?
    Can u post a pic
  12. i've got pipes by Hard Krome, the 2.5" strippers.
    They're very loud but they sound awesome. I had the Vance and Hines classic slip ons prior and they had a nice low rumble, perhaps what you're after.

    And yes i do have a raked triple clamp, 6ยบ rake.

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