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New (to me) hornet 600 :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by enigma--, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. So, after a year and a half of zooming around on my gpx250, i have found my upgrade. All through my restrictions and then some, i researched what different bikes were like, and, more importantly due to my age (19), insurance costs!

    found this one, had a look and a ride, and i was sold. even if my ride had consisted of me being to scared to take it at any real speed. one mechanic check later, its mine.

    rode it home real careful... until towards the end when i couldnt resist giving it a bit. *big smile* :D

    quite please. got it for a decent price, has very low k's on it, needs a bit of work (new fluids and battery) otherwise a lovely bike so far :)

    so without further ado, pics :)





    new and old :)

    cheers :D
  2. Nice bike...looks like the current cbf1000.
  3. Remus pipe??
  4. haha, the glare covers it. it says MTC on it, i believe.
  5. OK, it looks a lot like the Remus dual-exit on my son-in-law's ZX6-R. Should sound a lot better than the standard pipe anyway. Nice bike.
  6. The "S" model always looked so good in that metallic black.

    I've had mine for nearly 5 years, and done nearly 100,000 kms on it, I hope you have a great long run with your's :).
  7. You can keep up now mate, Hahahaha
  8. good buy man!

    those insurance costs are a joke arnt they!

    Congrats on the new ride, i cant emagin you'll have any troubles with it. ITS A HONDA!!!!
  9. Good luck and enjoy your new ride and many happy days with it.
  10. Nice buying mate. Enjoy it.
  11. Very Nice bike Enjoy.
  12. thanks, i plan to enjoy it :D
  13. Congrats mate !!!
    Looks GREAT ... ( you have excellent taste lol )
    Dunno how I missed this thread

    Good Luck
  14. =D> May the two of you have many miles together.
  15. yeah its all sorted. got paid out. 3 weeks and almost 2000k's, think i managed ok for that little bit of time. lol :(
  16. Nice ride and looks comfy as well.

    Going to keep your GPX or put the old girl down (by that i mean sell it)?.