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New (to me) bike problem,

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 260LP, May 16, 2005.

  1. Gday everyone, You'll have to excuse me if this is a newbie kinda question, coz well, I am.

    94 CBR600 Bought last weekish. Riding around aimlessly for about 30mins, bike starts to have an uneven idle. Sorta sounded like it was missing on one. I was close to home so I rode there.

    I then put the bike in neutral thinking "WTF?", by the time I got my gloves and helmet off it had stalled. Trying to restart it immediately didn't do anything (Starter was getting slower as I kept cranking it).

    I switched fuel tap to reserve thinking it might be it, didn't start straight away (This was like 20mins ago).

    So have I run outta fuel? Because I've run it till its died instead of switching straight away? Or maybe something more sinister? Lights are all good etc.

    Sorry for what maybe a dumbass question, but I need to ask someone!

  2. if you can see a fair bit of fuel in the fuel tank (shine a torch in there and shake the bike a little from side to side) then it isn't fuel.

    maybe check the spark plug leads as sometimes they can shake loose on older bikes.

    apart from that... could be battery, alternator starter motor...!
  3. I can hear a some fuel in there, prolly not a lot tho.It's just that I haven't had any issues with starting it at all. And the problem started while the bike was going. I will check the leads tho...
  4. so once you swiched it to reserve it started after a while?? It sounds like you run out of fuel.. and used up what was in the carbes as well... so when you put it on reserve it took a bit to start coz the carbes needed to fill up...
  5. Sorted.

    Left the bike for an hour or so with tap on reserve. Gave it a bit of a shake back and forth etc (The bike :LOL: ) and she started straight up.

    What would any forum be without dumbass problems? :shock:
    seeya, I'm goin for a ride.
  6. fuel tap

    sounds like a dirty fuel tap.
    if the bike's been sitting for a while, water tends to accumulate in the fuel tap and gunk also
    take the tap off the tank, flush it and clean it in clean solvent (not petrol) and dump all the rest of the tank and rinse it in clean pertrol also.
    re-assemble, fill with new fuel and see if that helps
  7. He just ran out of petrol.

    Many new riders do the same thing.

    Welcome to the many lessons that you will now learn as a rider :)
  8. Must agree with Vic, sounds like you ran outta petrol. Problem is water and sediments build up over time and are usually one of the last things to come outta your tank. So if you did run otta petrol this gunk may foul the system up a little and clog taps etc. When carbies run dry as in what may have happened if you did run outta petrol then there is a delay before the fill up and can provide bang water for the motor. Prob is for the fuel to get throu the carbies need vacuum but by this stage the motor starts to run outta puff from the starter (battery). Best thing to do is to turn tap to reserve, and then wait ten mins (so gravity can work for you) and then try. If you wanna save some battery can roll start. Many bikes these days have warning lights etc for when they get low, some have fuel taps and others may have both. Anyhow what those with taps and no lights often do is use your trip meter. With experience they know roughly how far they can get on a tank and so can turn to reserve early to avoid such problems. One IMPORTANT POINT however is when filling up at a servo TURN TAP BACK TO ON POSITION (have seen many forget thats all).

    Hope your pride is banging again soon. 8)

  9. As Tony said, best thing to do is fill it to the top, reset your trip meter and then run it fairly low and fill it again.
    Note how many km you've done.
    Divide your kilometers by the amont of litres you have just put in and that should give you an average of how many kilometers you get per litre.

    Then multiply this figure by your tank capacity and you now have a pretty good guess at when your tank is just about empty.


    You filled it to capacity.
    You managed to get 240km before filling it again.
    You have a 16 litre tank and you put in 13 litres.
    240 divided 13 = 18.46
    Mulitply 18.46 by your tanks capacity (16 litres) you get 295km.

    You now know that around the 295km mark you will be pushing your bike :)

    Hope that helps some.
  10. pfft, 295km/tank. Last time I filled the red monster did 375km and still hadn't switched to reserve. Mind you it is a 250...:LOL:
  11. they were figures I pulled out of my head.

    My CBR250RR was getting 360 a tank
    My ZX6R was getting 320
    My VTR1000SP1 was getting 170 before the fuel light was coming on.
  12. Vic, I wasn't having a go, just being an idiot. Was talking to a bloke the other day, with a gixxer 1000, he can get anywhere between 175 and 250km/tank depending on how he rides it.
  13. 260,

    Some bikes have a Pri position on the feul tap. A tip is to use this if you run it dry. It should start straight up without all the shaking etc.

    Then switch bay to main or reserve.

    This is because modern fuel taps need vacuum to open and unless the engine is running it doesn't have any. So you need fuel in the bowls to start, then the tap opens.

    The prime setting doesn't need vaccum to allow fuel in the bowls. Rememeber to set it back, however, as you may end up with a crankcase full of fuel next time you stop, if something else is amiss.