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New to hobby - VIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by luckyforteja, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I am new to hobby looking to get my motorbike license and a bike very soon. I used to ride when I was in India which was my only mode of transport. It was a little 150 CC Indianised Suzuki.

    I used to ride about 50 km every day for about 5 years and have been to few long trips as well, but I haven't ridden for about 6 years except for about 2 weeks last year when I was in India again. I am not really sure where this leaves me. My instructor says that I should stright away go for my unrestricted license as I have an overseas licence. I need to speak to Vicroads and see what can be done. Not having restrictions is very tempting as I can get the bike that I like with no strings attached.

    I have been doing a lot of research on what bike I'd like. I will be using it for commuting into CBD 5 days a week. I would still want to have the ablity to get into freeways and go for a long dirve on weekends.

    I am 183 cm tall 95 KG and I amnot to keen on getting a 250 CC. I am looking at getting something that I don't have to upgrade in next 5 yrs.

    I have to wait till my license gets sorted out to see what I can get. But as of now I do like

    • Yamaha FZ6N
    • Kawasaki ER-6N
    • Kawasaki Z750 (Bit scared that it might be too powerful for me)
    I haven't taken any of these for a test ride yet. I will do that after I get my license sorted out, but they do look good.

    The main purpose of this post is to say HELLO to all.

  2. Welcome Sri. You'll find lots of good info here.

    I'd be interested in whether you can get an unrestricted licence on a permanent basis without any testing. Pretty sure you can ride for a while on your current Indian licence in the meantime so you should take the opportunity to try some of those bigger bikes.
  3. Firstly welcome on board
    Secondly India being a part of the commonwealth I believe you don't have to resit tests (you can correct me if im wrong after you enquire at vicroads) and can go straight to your unrestricted license
    Thirdly all nice choices of bikes and I'm sure you'll be happy with either of the 3
    Good luck and keep the shiny side up.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Brmmm, My mistake I should have been more clear on my statement about my Licence. I still need to sit test and go through the process but would have to be on L and have restriction, I should be able to go for the drive test for the full license. That was the case for my Car licence so I am hoping that it would be same for bike aswell.

    ResmeN, thanks for your comments. I will need to sort of my license first, I am not sure that I am allowed to ride on my Indian License and I won't take a chance. I will go to Vicroads tomorrow if not sometime next week. I would like to test ride all 3 bikes and make a decision.

    Am I correct in elimination 250CC bike ? I would like to get some opinions from the experienced riders.

  5. Welcome to the forum Sri!

    I'm the same height as you and a couple of kilo's heavier, and I'm glad to see you wont be making the same mistake as me buying a 250. The bike itself is a solid performer, but at our height, it's just a bit too small and cramped and I look like a giant riding a mini bike on it!

    Good luck in getting your license - keep us up to date!

  6. Hi Michael,

    What bike are you riding ? and can you explain any issues you are facing with it for your height and weight.

  7. I'm not sure on the licensing situation, Sri, but unless you want to be riding a 750 which actually weighs MORE than its 1000cc bigger brother, I'd drop the Z750 from your list and add something like the Honda Hornet 600 to it.
  8. The only one I see on http://motorcycles.honda.com.au are

    • CBR600RR and
    • CBR600RR e-CABS

    It might be a noob question, but can I ask you which one are you suggesting ?

  9. Thanks mate,

    Are you suggesting CBR600RR or CBR600RR e-CABS ?

  10. Welcome to NR, Sri. I know you will have a great time here!

    Firstly - Owning a bike is not a hobby, it's a LIFESTYLE. :)

    Secondly - I was in the same boat as you till a few weeks ago except I didn't have my overseas license with me. It had expired many years ago and was also misplaced. So I just started the process from scratch. I enrolled myself in HART Program for a 1-day Training and Learners Permit (I suggest that you do it as well as the tips and pointers given out by the Trainers are priceless). Riding is a bit different here than India.

    Like you I also didnt want a 250 CC bike but with a Learners permit, you can still go upto 650 CC (which I did). I picked up my Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom 2 weeks ago and have already clocked up 1100 KMS on it since then.

    I was contemplating between a Honda VT400 and the Yamaha V-Star 650 but decided to go for the 650 instead as I had ridden Royal Enfield 350's (along with the good old Yamaha RX and a Yezdi 250 as well) back in India and then also did my L's on a 400 CC bike here so felt that 650 would be ok to handle. 400 CC is also good but a little bit of that extra performance goes a long way as I do intend to keep my bike for the next 3-4 years at least. 650 allows me to ride on the freeway and I've also gone on weekend rides without any issues.

    At the end of the day, its a personal choice betweens racers, sports tourers and cruisers but I always wanted to get a cruiser. I've ridden a Ninja, CBR 400 here and have never felt relaxed while riding. A cruiser on the other hand is extremely comfortable. (NR's, I hope you dont mind but as I said, its a personal choice and maybe the Lazy in me likes that comfortable feeling).

    As for your no-string attached theory, the only thing thats attached to me (sorry my bike) is that yellow L sign which doesnt worry me that much. Your overseas license will not allow you a direct license here without any sorts of tests but its worth checking with VR. But I still suggest that you get either a 400 or a 650 (at the most) and not go straight to a 750 + bike.

    Some info re: Vic Roads is [HERE]

    As before - welcome to NR and let us know if you have any other queries. I spent a few months searching, researching and investigating a lot of options, bikes and riding gear before I made my decision and will be more than happy to share whatever I can with you. For what I cant, NR is here. :)
  11. In Vic ,if you have a recognized o/seas licence you will have to sit two tests. The first is a "diagnostic" test i.e. the Learner test (written and range) , you can then do your licence. When you receive your licence you have no restrictions. You do not need to hold the Learner permit for three months ( unless you choose to)
    It also depends on your status of your o/seas licence i.e. what type of licence was held as it may lead to restrictions , it might only be for a scooter etc.
    Thats as I understand , happy to be corrected.

    cheers Michael
  12. I've got a 2003 CB250. Its seat is a little lower than most bikes and so when my feet are on the pegs it feels a bit cramped. With regards to weight, I'm not sure how powerful these bikes are, but if I want to overtake a car, I have to make sure that there's plenty of room on the other side.

    Having said that though, she's a very reliable bike with extraordinary fuel economy. I've done nearly 5,000kms on her since the end of January, and she hasn't missed a beat!

  13. Hi All,

    I have been to Vicroads Carlton today and they said exactly what Michael said above.

    I need to do my L and Full licence. I can do both on the same day if I wish to and I would not be having any restrictions on bikes that I can drive. This is exactly what I was expecting because this is what happened with my car license. It is still a big relief to hear from Vicroads.

    Thanks hornet, I am not really after Z750. I really don't think I would need anything above 600/650 CC. It will be mainly a commuter and it doesn't make sense to have a 750 for commuting. The only reason to have Z750 in the list was because I haven't really decide whether to go for a new bike or a used bike (>10,000 K). I saw more used Z750 compared to ER-6N so I thought I shouldn't rule them out blindly.

    Thanks for all the tips Lazy Libran. I will be taking it easy and will not cut corners when it comes to training. I will go for the complete training course and I am also contemplating taking some extra private lessons, as you said riding over here is completely different and I respect that. I really appreciate your comments because it reinforces my theory that I need to take it easy and respect better roads and higher speed limits that we get compared to India.

    Thanks Michael, thats exactly what vicroads said today, thanks again for the heads-up.

    Thanks Michael, this is exactly the reason I am looking for a bigger bike and I am planning on getting a bike that I don't have to change in next 5 years.
  14. Get a CB400 or Street Triple. Indulge in the nakedness and get the best of both worlds.
  15. I agree with ResmeN, the Honda CB400 is a great bike. I rode it all day during my Learners permit test day. I was almost thinking of going for that as well but..
  16. Thanks for the reply mate, but Street Triple is not in my range. I can't really justify spending 10k on a 400 CC bike.

    Thanks for the reply, I am looking at buying a new bike and. I can't really justify spending 10k on a 400 CC bike, it doesn't really look like a great value for money and I am looking for something that I would be happy to keep for next 5 years.

  17. I have been looking all different bike without having any set criteria. I am still not very sure about what to look for in a potential bike. So I thought of putting together some of my requirements together.

    Essential Requirements

    • Price - Less that 10K (New)
    • Good for Commuting - Should be nimble for CBD riding 5 days a week.
    • Good for Freeway riding - I will be on West Gate Bridge very frequently, I want my bike to be steady in high winds/bad weather.
    • Riding position - Upright.
    • Good fuel economy(Since it will be mainly used for commuting, it has to be economical to run)
    • Low Maintenance - Repairs and servicing.
    • Durable - I want to enjoy riding this bike for next 5 years.
    • ABS
    • Comfortable for going for a Long rides on weekends
    • Good Looking

    Is there anything else that I need to look for in a Motorcycle? Is there anything glaring that I am missing ?

  18. Sri, When I personally look at all those options (most of them which are similar to mine as well), only one bike comes to my mind and that is the Yamaha V-Star 650. (the one that I bought recently).

    It is so popular because it almost fulfills all your listed criteria. I've been using it almost everyday since 21st April and have been very happy with its performance, mileage, comfort and Beauty. I just had its first service done at 1000 kms and the next is due at 10,000 kms. Its shaft drive (and not chain drive) so it further reduces maintenance. It is well built as well so easy to ride in rain, bad weather etc. And I dont see any problems with it for the next 5 years or so (maybe more) although I'm already planning which to go for next. :p

    And best of all its just a little bit over 10 K brand new (inc. 1 years rego) or as they say 'Drive Away'.

    I think you should get your L's sorted out first and then take it out for a test ride. See what the Elizabeth Street dealer says re: price and let me know. I will try to beat it down from where I got it.

  19. Thanks for the reply Lazy Libran,

    I am doing my L's on 16 May and my full license on 28 and 29 May. I am reading about different bikes till I get my Full license. I will start doing some test rides after getting my Full License.
  20. Sri,

    That night, after my last post (last Friday), I put a deposit down on a brand new GS500F. It fits all of your requirements above - check one out - I reckon you'll be pleasantly surprised!