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New to group

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jane Martin, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. Hi im jane, been practicing for provisionals. Keen to ride more though with fe

  2. Welcome to Nutrider!

    Is your avatar a pic of you (the person in front, presumably)? If so, you may have side-stepped @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg asking if you're hot. :)
  3. Sorry not interested im taken. Please no more stupid comments only females who r interested in a ride
  4. Welcome along, Jane.
    You may have picked the wrong forum if you have an aversion to silly comments. Part and parcel of Netrider.
    Hope you find like-minded girls to ride with
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  5. Welcome aboard and if you don't want stupid questions why are you on this forum :wacky:

    btw are you hot

    edit I don't want to date you :)
  6. Of course, it's a bit more difficult to side-step @Jeffco@Jeffco asking if you're hot... :wacky:

    I did try to warn you when I said "Welcome to Nutrider!" :p
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  7. #7 smee, Jun 7, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2014
    I suggest the OP lighten up otherwise she could try netrider.net.au
    Firstly read the other welcome threads to get a feel for this place.
    Please do not make spurious reports thanks.

    There is also the female only section on these forums she can try looking at.
  8. ^^ which no one seems to post in any more.

    Welcome :) Don't write off the guys, generally they're really helpful and great to know. I've met some awesome people here, both guys and gals. Engage your sense of humour and you'll get a lot out of this site.
  9. Shame it's under utilised, not that the blokes know as it's female only.
  10. No, but they're not missing anything.

  11. I think Blabs still posts in there regularly
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  12. Is that who Sinbandits was? So I went to the trouble of organising a BBQ for Sinbandits, I mean Blabs, and he didn't turn up... That's the last one I'm organising for him then! ;)
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  13. Maybe he's Slygrog and has been promoted to moderator...lol.
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  14. Oh dear......

    I'm glad you won't last long 'round here......
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  15. Ouch! Are you ever anything other than brutally honest, @BitSar@BitSar? ;)
  16. Hi Jane , don't listen to that rabble there all a bit crude.
    the two of us should meet up some time and have a politically correct conversation
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  17. I'm sure you missed the word "in" somewhere there, @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg... :roflmao:
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  18. Not that I remember.

    You know me Danny.
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