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New to forums

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Mrzx, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. hi guys I have never actually used a forum before not sure what I'm doing haha

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  2. Welcome :D

    Wont be long before your a pro here :)
  3. welcome aboard :) so far so good :) before long you will be a master
  4. Welcome to NR MrzxMrzx
  5. Welcome MrzxMrzx
    You're doing it right so far. :)
  6. No problems... Pretty soon, you'll be hitting all the right spots. Just the way they are meant to be..


    Welcome to NR...
  7. Hi and welcome :)
  8. Hello & welcome!
  9. Hello and welcome Mrzx,
    forums are a great way to gain insights and knowledge about your shared interests (in this case - all things motorcycling) and you can learn a hell of a lot from reading through topics and posts that people have shared usually about a personal experience that they have encountered / resolved or just want to talk about (to celebrate, share or just have a mini rant) . Personally, I have picked up a wealth of information, some facts, some opinions and all of it worth reading, from different perspectives. I find that if you are respectful to the forumites, note that I'm not saying you must agree with everything, just respect the differences that we all have, and you will find forums fun, supportive and helpful. So ask away...
    Cheers, Fred :)
  10. Hello and welcome!

    The only advice I can give on a forum is... don't feed the trolls.

    See you 'round! :)