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new to forums

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BiG DaN91, May 31, 2011.

  1. hey guys im dan from melbourne

    joined this site because google kept showing me this site to answer all my questions

    been riding 15months on a 2007 honda vtr250. This is my main transport as i dont have a car license haha everyone thought i was crazy for going straight on a bike with no road experience. No crashes yet, dropped my bike on mud/wet grass coming into my driveway over the naturestrip but no damage luckily. Done about 9000kms.

    still on red p's, going to upgrade to a gixxer when i get off them, as much as i love my bike its way to small for me as im 6'4 and pretty solid.

  2. welcome big dan :)
  3. thanks lowercase, had a quick read of your blog :) very cool! id love to do that too one day (when i get a bigger bike maybe haha)
  4. oh cheers :) yeah i hope i get to do it, hey!
  5. Welcome along Dan, nice to have you here.
  6. Welcome to Netrider, Dan. I like your choice in upgrade bike. :D
  7. Hi Dan and welcome to NR
  8. :cool:

    just wish i got my P's earlier!!! gotta wait till next feb so im going to miss the summer on my new bike :(

    oh well, more time to save up i guess :p

    hoping to find a nice k7, still not sure whether i want to go to a litre bike or maybe 750 or 600