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New to forums, new passenger on boyfriend's bike :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MotorCat, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Melbourne girl here, totally new to riding! My other half (Fragbait here on the forums) is a seasoned bike rider, and recently bought a Suzuki C50 Cruiser after a somewhat lengthy period of abstinence from motorcycles. I've taken 2 rides so far: slightly terrifying (especially the corners) but fun and I'm happy to keep riding...as a passenger for now :) I get to sit back and admire the view whilst he does the actual hard work. I just have to remember not to donk him in the back of his helmet with my helmet...

    I'll be posting some questions re riding gear for girls in the forums. I hope other ladies can help me out with some tips! Then I can stop wearing his old gear :grin:

    Cheers all,
  2. gday and welcome, and on behalf of netrider, thankyou for letting Fragbait own a bike :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Thank you goz for the welcome!

    I was under no illusions I had any say in the matter of Fragbait's bike :) When he said he was 'thinking about the possibility' of getting another bike, but he 'hadn't yet decided he really wanted one', I knew that wasn't what he meant at all... :wink:

  4. and thats only the beginning :wink:
  5. Hello Moto
    Welcome to the fold

    So Fragbait's buying you all new gear, for winter & summer. Full safety gear, I hear him say. :wink:
    What a peach.

    Relax on the back, you trust your man enough to ride with him. Trust yourself enough to feel the flow of the bike. The sound, the vibration, the power, the energy. Sweet!

  6. Hi :grin: Welcome to NR....I don't know what else to say, TG's pretty much said it all....twice. Haha :p

    (Awww, tankgirl, ya spoil sport)
  7. Welcome to McHappy land
  8. Welcome to NR :)

    Ditto what everyone else said :wink:

    Relax and enjoy the ride. Makes it much more enjoyable for the both of you :grin:
  9. welcome and enjoy :)
  10. Thanks everyone for the welcome messages!

    Ooo Tankgirl - having Fragbait buy all my stuff sounds like a WONDERFUL idea. Unfortunately, I suspect - no, I know - he doesn't share this enlightened view :) Can't complain though - he bought the actual bike, after all...

    My Shoei TZ-R helmet in 'wine red' arrived yesterday, hurrah! Pity it cost so much :eek: And I got my jacket at a sale.

    But more of that in another thread, on another forum! I need help with jeans and gloves!! And boots!!! ARGH!

    It's tough being a bikie chick :LOL:
  11. Cool Moto

    Bike - sorted
    Helmet - sorted
    Jacket - sorted
    Jeans - ?
    Boots - ?

    I'm no good here. I still wear reg. jeans. Have bike gloves - but old cop ones. There'll def. be some smart suited up ladies to help you here.

    Try in Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts maybe. Have a little look-see at other furums. Then come tell me. :LOL:

  12. if you want the racer look, go for the leathers.
    if you want the biker chick look, grab some draggin jeans (bright pink camo ones :LOL:)
    if you want the normal jeans look, normal draggins
    if you want to wear own jeans/pants, go the K-legs (kevlar leggings, wear underneath)
    If you own pretty tight jeans, can go the textile throw over pants, wear what ever you want under that (get where you need to go, take em off *bing perfect)

    although if you are getting boots, might as well keep the biker look, unless your going to carry shoes around

    boots vary by [design and features]/price choice is up to you
  13. Hi and welcome to NR.

    MotorCat said:
    Nah. Just tell him that if helmets donk it's always the rider's fault for not being smooth. :LOL:
  14. Thanks GreyBM, I like that idea :) (although Fragbait didn't seem to agree when I mentioned it to him :grin:)

    Update on the clothing stuff:

    - Bought Draggin 'Minx' blue kevlar-lined jeans on the weekend (size 8 which fitted snugly and seems comfortable when I 'assume the riding position'. I read on the Draggin website that they stretch anyway, and from experience with 'normal' jeans, girls tend to buy them fitted as they know they will stretch! At the end of the day, they will protect me, I can zip them up, and there is no muffin top happening :) )

    - Bought Alpinestars ST-2 Stella Drystar gloves in size XS. I found the perfect thread on this website from another lady who like me has very small hands! I ended up buying Alpinestars because it's one of only 2 brands that I couldn't tug off my hand without undoing any of the straps. (The other was Dainese which were comfortable but at $200-$300, a bit pricey). Gloves coming off with a simple tug at the end didn't make me feel too secure. I did find some results on the web that suggested Alpinestars gloves fall apart at the seams after a short while or are not as protective as other brands...but I'm hoping these do a good job for me.

    So now I just need to try to find an Aussie distributor/store who stocks my dream boots - the Icon Bombshell ones :) They're very me, I live in heels and have fallen in love with the look of these. I know I probably sound like a bimbo - trust me I'm not - but I like the idea of stylish boots that are still made as motorcycle boots!

    (Gah - can't seem to 'add image to post' here - I keep getting an error message. But if you do a Google images search, or search the forums, for 'icon bombshell boots' you'll see them!)

    Yours in bikegearshoppingdom,
  15. just do a few more random posts, and then you can put up pics i think u need 5 or 6