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New to forums from Hobart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Marcus_Tas, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've recently joined up to help me learn a bit more about riding in general.. I've been wanting to get my permit for years now and have never had the spare $$ aside for a decent machine but now I'm working for myself, things are looking up for a change.

    Basically I want to learn to be a safe rider and just get out and enjoy Tassie from a rider's point of view. I have no friends that ride so once I get myself sorted I'd definitely be keen to meet up with some fellow Tassie riders and enjoy some good company out on the road.

    My main issue is I am unsure what bike will be best for me. I've always been a big Ducati fan but finding anything LAMS approved down here is a big ask so I'm thinking I'll have to buy from the mainland. I'm after some people's opinions on the 620ie Monster and the 600SS - or anything that would suit someone like me (190cm 110kg)

    Anyway I'll be sure to pop up about the place asking stupid questions - so please don't be too harsh on me!



    Hobart, TAS.
  2. welcome. There are dukes which are LAMS?? didnt think they made bikes slow enough to be lams.

    yeh buy one from melb. then just use the sprit of tassie to get back home with it. easy!
  3. Thats what I was thinking - either that or get it shipped to my door then build up some confidence!

    Ducatis that are LAMS approved in Tas are (I haven't got the latest list, mine is July 08)

    400 SS JUNIOR
    600 SS
    Monster (1998 – 2001 models only)
    M620IE (24KW LITE)
    MTS620 LITE
    SL 500 PANTAH
    SL 600 PANTAH

    How does this all work? do they have to be modified at all to be learner legal?
  4. welcome bud, monster is a big bike so should suit u fine
  5. hi marcus welcome just take your time in looking at bikes , the lams approved ducs still pull a good dollar and are very popular so good luck cheers bazz
  6. Thanks for the input guys, another question I had for Hobart locals - is it true that Motorworks in Argyle St (Hobart) service Ducati but do not advertise the fact? or would I have to take it to Launceston?
  7. Welcome Aboard !
  8. Hi Marcus, welcome to NR. Glad to meet another newbie here in Hobart.

    I'm in the same situation as you, no friends or family ride so I've been riding with the GF trailing behind in the car & solo rides on roads I know well. Let me know when you get your bike as it would be great to have somebody to ride with.

    There is a "Hobart Tues coffee night " thread but seems to have died long before I joined. Don't know if they still meet at Joes has haven't ridden at night nor CBD yet.

    Can't speak for Motorworks re the Ducati but I have purchased most of my gear there & they have been most helpful so couldn't hurt to ask.

    Feel free to shoot me a PM or email if you have questions as I'm happy to share what I've learnt so far.

  9. Hey Marcus, will be moving down to Hobart next year for uni so might see you round. Cheers
  10. Hi marcus hope you enjoy your new found freedom :) ducati 620 monster would be a good bike to own =P~ almost bought a 696 myself but it was slightly out of my budget :facepalm: when you get a bike and a little more experience think about doing a track day at baskerville or symmons plains you will have lots of fun. Welcome Tas