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New to Forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ARBEE, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. New to Forum and posting a test to look at signature , avatar, etc
    Talk soon

  2. g'day an welcome :D
  3. Greetings Noob. :wink:
  4. Welcome, RB :)
  5. welcome arbee.
  6. Hi and welcome :moped:
  7. Gee You lot are friendly plenty of welcomes in there

    I think i did something wrong but not sure what it was
    I put my wifes bike for sale on here last night and today it has been deleted after being edited by the moderator last night as well because i put the email address in so "such is life: Ned Kelly

    I would have preferred a message telling me what is wrong

    other than that, see you round the traps

  8. Howdy Arbee and welcome

    Nice avatar :wink:

    Well I get a message about every second deletion - so post up something else that is borderline and see how your average stacks up :p :p
  9. Gidday Toecutter

    Howz it goin, are you the Toecutter from Ulysses?
    All my avatars got rejected too big, my signature got deleted and now my ad got deleted, is this bootcamp?

  10. Yep - the young uns here run a pretty good forum.

    Bootcamp - fark that's hilarious :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Been called many things before but not that.

    At the moment you are running way above the average in so far as numer of deletions for number of posts :p :p :p
  11. Welcome ARBEE.

    There are no pics allowed in sigs. Also no more than 3 images in a post. The restrictions were brought in to counter a previous bandwith issue. I have heard a few people have had their ads deleted - don't know why. :?

    The pic restrictions make this place alot less cluttered, so I like it. Makes this an even better place to hang out.
  12. Welcome Arbee,
    That's you in your av? Nobody should miss you in those bright colors! Each forum has some rules listed in the top message. Maybe you accidentally broke one of them. I know, it would be nice to know what you did wrong, but I guess they don't have time to volunteer an explanation of every post they delete. Maybe if they were paid for it, but I believe this is all volunteer stuff.