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New to forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kimi, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Hello all, after many years of thinking about a bike license i finally took the plunge!
    Iv Currently been on my Ls for 3 months and loving it!
    Done a few rides, akuna bay/church point,and the syd nasho last weekend.super keen to be learning and cant get enough of it.

  2. Hey KimiKimi, welcome to the forums and life on two wheels :) good on you for taking the plunge and getting your learner's. I trust you are planning your MOST soon! All the best, ride safe, stay upright and have fun ;)
  3. Thanks!!! Need to do more practice with the slow stuff! Hopefully the weather holds for this weekend! Then the MOST in a few months
  4. I hear you! Slow stuff is the most difficult to master. But you'll get there, all it takes is perseverance and a saddle time. If you are not far away, get to learner's practice at Homebush. The best stuff since sliced bread! What do you ride Kimi?
  5. Hey, welcome along.
    The Nasho was fun last weekend.
    Though it was a little busy.
    Enjoy the learning curves
  6. Well its thanks to a youtube clip that i found NR and just started following the guys at homebush,i plan to get out there as soon as possible,im only 20min away,i was super excited to realize they are still doing it!
    My bike....well so far EVERYONE has paid me out or done a head shake... but i will say it out loud, honda cbr125r, after the practice bikes on the learners i realized to start i didnt need much power just for inner city stuff,well after falling in love now with riding,as soon as i pass the Most i will be upgrading
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  7. Thanks! Yeah it was a bit busy, a little intimidating but i loved it, planning to do it again but mid week, perhaps there wont be the crowds!
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  8. If you nip that way on a week day, it's brilliant.
    In my early learning days, I was lucky enough to get talking to other experienced riders at Bald Hill and get a guide to follow on some more of the fun roads down that way.
  9. Welcome to NR
  10. nothing at all wrong with smaller bikes.. light weight makes them great for city and they use very little fuel..

    tell "them" they are just compensating for lack of something else ;)
  11. Oh wow...i signed up to nr for a few reasons but the main one was to hopefully get the opportunity to join in with rides like this one, im normally free most weekends but the 26th i have a wedding to attend, im so devastated because i only have this last wedding since everyone else i know are already married!
    Thankyou for sending me the link,i can see its a rare oppotunity but my fingers are crossed that one day i will get another.
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  12. Haha! Thankyou for your kind words! Im actually happy that i got on a small bike as its still taken 2 months to feel confidant enough...and now im loving it! Looking to upgrade in a few months to something around the 300cc mark for more regular longer rides!
  13. welcome aboard :]
  14. Oh dear...i was quite settled on the ninja...thanks to your link im now going to go check out the yamaha!
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  15. I only work half the year, so plenty of opportunity if you want to take the same ride sometime. Just let me know.
  16. Wow im envious of your job!
    Thankyou, i would love to hear how the ride goes on sat!
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  17. Welcome Kimi, hopefully see you out there.
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