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New to Forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RAM75, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Hi all
    New to this site i live in country vic and have just got a 2000 GSX750F. I have been more into chook chases and 4x4s but do like road touring the bike seems ok to me but as a newbie not sure if i have made a good choice but i did get it cheap. And with my son or wife on board it seems to ride well. Any tips on my ride would be great. :]

  2. Welcome to NR @RAM75! Enjoy your ride and stay upright!
  3. Hi and welcome RAM, what part of Vic are you from?
  4. Thanx BOB88R and Ned
    My location is up now m8.
  5. Hi ram75

    Welcome to NR , I got married in Alexandra many years ago..my wife's family lived in Thornton at the time. Lots of nice roads up your way.
  6. Thanks ultram
    There are some good ones the blackspur is one I like on a good day.
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  7. We had a bunch up your way last Sunday, bypassed Alex though on the Whang... Rd
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    Not a bad road that hope you had a good ride. Cjvfr
  9. Love those thick juicey chicken parmas at Commercial Hotel.
  10. welcome to NR and the 'teapot' was a great tourer, had me one for a commuter, great reliable machine, slightly top heavy but a great n comfy ride I found :) and agree with the others, nice place you live in!!
  11. It was a great ride, except we had a visit from those pesky blue revenue collecting people. One of our number took a hit for the team.
  12. Not so good then there a few wild things on that road and there on of them
  13. Thanks goddie i hope it is reliable as you say and i did read they were called a teapot.
  14. all I ever did was oil n filter changes and brake pads [they help] change brake fluid straight away, yah never know how old it is!! If suspension in front feels iffish, change fork oils.. I loved my teapot lol
  15. Thanks heaps for that info I have been looking for info for
    me ride its done 39,000 and was not up on things it needs like next service and stuff like that.
  16. one other thing you can do 'once' is putting Iridium spark plugs in, they say that they're good for 100k, that I am not sure about, but they do last alot longer then standard, with 39k next service at 40k, do oil n filter, brake fluid maybe fork oil, check brake pads for sure, chain n sprockets? have a look at air filter n spark plugs, all that done, and you can do most if not all yourself!! Next few services will only be oil n filter stuff every 5k, oh, one thing, valve clearnces, uncertain at which intervals, @streetmaster may help here, he is a great mechanic but lives a tad far from you in frankston, but if you're up for a ride??

  17. Free manual http://www.carlsalter.com/motorcycle-manuals.asp
  18. Thats awesome thats for all your info m8.
  19. Not a worry :D