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New to forum, p-plater for a month now

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ad91on, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hi, Long time stalker, first time topic-opener...

    I live in Sydney near Manly and have been riding since around March.

    I have a sachs kn150... it's a fine machine, with a fine piece of engineering on the back in the form of a glistening red milkcrate which doubles as protective, hi-vis clothing. Mainly commute when i'm tired from the pushbike or sometimes go out with my mum and her harley...

    Yup. My mum rides a 1450 softtail. I ride a 150 chinese... thing, i guess. :?

    Love riding and the freedom it gives me! Any excuse is a good one.

    Just interested to know, how many 17/18 year olds are out there that ride their bikes to school?
  2. Welcome to the forum m8. Enjoy!!
  3. im 21 and i ride to TAFE does that count? lol

    and my mum rides a 250cc honda magna that wishes it was a harley. your mum must be pretty badass :p
  4. When I went to school, we rode a Government bus! Or walked 20 miles, in the snow, carrying a horse :rofl:

    Seriously, half you luck, it sounds like you come from a two-wheeled family!
  5. hey mate, i'm 18 but i finished school last year :grin:
  6. Welcome to the forums !
  7. you ride a motorbike to school..

    very cool :cool:

    good on ya :)

    do you get the girls on the back?
  8. My mums an interior designer... furthest thing from badass there is :p

    I dont ride it to school very often and my gf outright refuses (as does NSW law) to get on the back!

    But mum only got her bike a few years back, and my dad doesn't know i have one! He'd go ape$%^t if he found out! Good thing is though, when i posed it to him he just bought me a car to discourage me from getting a bike! :grin:

    So now i'm simply spoiled for choice. Bikes are the best tho! \:D/