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New to forum, new rider need opinion on bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Girl81, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, I can see I will find this very addictive and helpful. I'm from Queensland and just did my q-ride to get my open licence. I've been shopping around for bikes and was looking at the kawasaki er-6f had my heart set on it but then went as a pillion passenger on a new honda CBR600f and am totally in love with it. I know that this has a lot of power. But have been told that it would last me a long time and as I got my licence on a 650 if I don't "screw" it on too much and get too confident too quick I will be fine. Can anyone offer some advise. I'm planning on going to test ride the bike myself next week with a view to purchase... honest opinions would be appreciated :)

  2. Hi Girl81. Welcome to the forum.

    The bikes you have mentioned are good mid range models. They should keep you entertained for a number of years. I lasted 7 years on a less powerful 600than the ones above. I could have upgraded earlier, but waited until I felt it was right for me.


  3. It's down to you, not the bike. If you are an adrenaline junky who is noted for risk-taking behaviour, it might not be a good idea. If you have a properly-developed sense of fear and a respect for the amount of danger you're in, then you'll be fine.

    CBR600s are considered a reasonable entry-level motorcycle in the US, where their addiction to individual freedom means learner restrictions never caught on.

    Forget about 'growing out' of a sports 600: lap times and top speeds will show you they're not practically slower than open-class bikes. Remember a sports 600 is a lot more 'commitment' than an ER5 or similar: more gear changing, more running costs (tyres especially), harder to ride rewardingly (you have to be going VERY fast to feel that you're riding a sports bike flat out), more expensive to crash.

    If you want a compromise, try a VFR400.
  4. its just a throttle. if you yank it, it will go, if you dont...it wont.

    dont let the size scare you, just make sure you are able to hold it upright and ride comfortably. ^.^
  5. Definately don't try to screw on it, very uncomfortable.
  6. That's why she said not too much. :)
  7. Thanks for your comments. I've since read a few other posts of similar nature on here and have come to the conclusion that I'm a level headed person and would like to enjoy riding for many years to come, so am not about to go to hard on the throttle. I think that I should be right - so bring on the test ride!
  8. The CBR600F would be a great choice. They are a top bike.

    They are idiot proof. Kind of like a washing machine. They are a little bit boring but to tell you the truth boring can be great!
    Boring will start.
    Boring will stop.
    Boring will turn.
    Boring will be a trusted steed for many many years and countless km's.
    Boring will do it all for a reasonable price and low running costs.

    You sound pretty level headed so go for it if your government allows it.

    Good luck and have some fun.

    I'm off to do a load of washing...
  9. Er6f's look pretty funky though and you get a lot of bike for the $12k on road.

    Love them lights!
  10. They are both good scoots.
    Just ride 'em. If one stands out buy it.
  11. Just remember that you will very likely drop the bike.

    Protect it..
  12. I'm getting a very good deal (i think??) on the cbr600f - brand new 12990 ride away, so thats also why it appeals a lot more than the er-6f. I'm getting a set of (excuse my ignorance could have this wrong) oggy knobs to protect bike a little if I do drop it. Getting these for $100. Any other suggestions?? I went for a ride as pillion on both the other day and the er-6 felt like a old datson compared to the cbr being a bmw... So smooth and the handling was great, from what I could feel on the back. I thought that this should still give me a pretty good idea. I sat on it and moved it around - felt comfortable. ALso the cbr is lighter than the er-6f by 8kg (dry weight). Hmmmm I think i've convinced myself hahaaaa thanks for your comments!
  13. dry weight means shit on a bike, when was the last time you rode with no fuel, no oil and no water??? yeah didnt think so.

    for any one buying a Brand new bike conside buying interstate, with the price of airfares these days its a viable option, and by the time you get home it's run in :)
  14. I'd definitely go the CBR600F.

    If you are planning on touring, you want a luggage system which consists of a rack that bolts onto the back of your bike a a bag that goes on the rack. And also a tank cover and bag, (more luggage space).

    Other than that, some advanced riding courses are also a great idea if you have the cash. People really recommend them.

    Hope you enjoy it and stay upright,

  15. I note that you're in Vic. I'm in Sydney and was wondering whether Vic or Queensland offered much better competitive rates than Sydney and by how much for anyone thats actually done the ring around?.

    How does rego work in this instance?
  16. older model VFR750. Has spank factor in a usable package that is affordable. It will also leave you cash in the bank. Bomb-proof motor, predictable everyrhing and a V4 motor which will make you that much more interesting than the inline 4 pesantry. No reason to be dull and common now is there?
  17. good point, VERY good point, in a lot of ways there better value for money that the 800's, good reliable bike, reasonable price, reserve tap instead of the stupid flashing petrol gauge.
  18. What about the Hornet 900 for $11990 ride away! Just from a value point of view. :)
  19. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: OMG Can't wipe the smile from my face, I took the CBR600f for a ride and absolutely loved it - felt so smooth and handled a dream. I put a deposit on it and I pick it up Thursday. Just gotta keep it upright now. I've got them putting a set of oggy knobbs on too. Thanks for all your info and opinions I value them greatly. See you on the ROAD :wink:
  20. Congrats :grin: . Honda is a great choice, sounds like you got a good deal. I used to own a Honda previously. Yes and protect your bike, I got frame and axle sliders on my bike aswell.