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New to forum from cairns

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MattyDucati, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Just sayin hi,
    Havent had a bike for a year(yeah i know it was hard) and just got myself a Wr450 with some motard wheels for the gilys.
    If anyone ridin up and down these great hills of ours and wants someone to beat, PM me always keen for a blast.

    Cheers Matt

  2. welcome mattiducati....next time i'm up your way i'll let you know - altho i'm not too sure i'd be up to the gillies at this stage!
  3. Thanks guys, got some pics in the garage now.

    Cheers Matt
  4. Welcome and welcome back Matt. i couldn't manage a year, i'd be stir crazy.
  5. Welcome, matty

    Pardon an ignorant southerner's question, but are there lots of twisties in the Cairns area? I tend to think of Qld as being big and flat with lots of long straight roads....
  6. Hornet there is a couple of good roads around cairns, I just got back from copperload dam road(tight good for the motard but a bit bumpy) The gilys(awesome on any bike) and kuranda range road which gets a bit busy.
    Theres plenty more around but they are my favourites.
  7. Hey MattyDucati!

    Welcome to the forums! I just moved from Cairns to Melbourne. I so miss the weather!!!
    My fave was the Port Douglas run, and the Gillies - Atherton - Kuranda Range run a close second. :cool:
  8. Welcome mate.

    Very nice choice.

    Go hard!
  9. [​IMG]Matt!
    I'm sure you'll find a few NRs to chase :) . Also, check out the rides threads to see what's on.