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New to forum - Airhead twin

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Pearl, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Just saying hi as I am new to the forum and new to motorcycles. I pick up my R65 next week. Looking forward to the whole new world.


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  2. Welcome.

    Good to see folk noticing a really classy LAMS bike. :)
  3. Great bike! Congratulations. The R65 is a beautifully simple but effective piece of machinery, though it has it's quirks.

    Looking forward to seeing some photos. Welcome to NR.
  4. Welcome. What's not to like about an old German Boxer???
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  5. Welcome Black Pearl.
    I had an R65LS for 25 years and enjoyed every minute, whether a daily commute to work (every day, rain hail or shine) or the trip between Melbourne and Adelaide which I'd make every few months. The only reason I shifted away was that it was time for an upgrade.
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  6. Thanks for the welcomes and also the PM from other airhead riders. Will look out for some of the practice learner sessions. Did I read right there is one in Elwood/St Kilda?

  7. Exactly! Just behind the BP in Elwood.

    Plus welcome to NR and post some pics when you can...
  8. there is a couple of BP's in Elwood, which one?? I'm down that way next week for the DGR.
  9. The marina.

    The one closest to Luna Park.
  10. thanks mate.
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  11. After a bit of a search over the weekend for a new battery (my bike arrived with a dead one) I picked one up today from a BM specialist, I managed to get out for my first ride.

    Have no idea whether the bike is running well or not as I have no reference but she certainly has character and personality. I'm in love.
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