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New To Dirtbikes - Which to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. This crappy weather is making me thinking of bringing my plans to try a dirt bike, forward a bit. I have to ride in the rain so I should probably make the most of it, and I'm keen to give offroading a try.

    No idea about dirt bikes at all though and I don't want to spend too much. Can you get a decent condition one for 2-3k?

    Will be commuting just under 200kms a week for 6 months before I'd likely sell it, and trying a few easy trails on the weekend.

    Any particular models I should be looking at? I'd be going for something with dual purpose tyres I suppose..

  2. I'm sure you could find a 90's Yamaha XT/TT 250/350 in reasonable condition for 2-3k.

    But why do you want to go trail riding in crappy weather?
    It's slippery as all hell in the dirt when its wet.
    In the dry you have control over your slides, in the wet it's hard to tell whats going to happen.

    Dry is much more fun.
  3. Thanks I'll check those out. Don't want to do trails in the wet, just figure winter is a good time to try dirt bikes? :)
  4. ahh rain = no dust, full creeks, lots of puddles and plently of sliding which personally i love. Just get a good wet weather jacket with a hood for under the helmet.
    as said, i would say either 90s model TTR-250 or XR250...
    had lots of experience with both over the years...both bulletproof and good for city commuting...throw on some good knobbies and you have a very capable trail bike...heres some pics of my '04 wr250f...great off road but no good for commuting...get out there you won't regret it ...

  5. doesnt matter the time of year

    you would be better to spend $3K-$4K and find something as late as possible in decent condition

    like noob bikes you need to buy in condition

    XR250's are competant bomb proof bikes
  6. Just make sure it's got electric start - other than that, they're all much the same to a noob. Oh and of course, stay away from the high maintenance ones as well.

    Is JeffatAv still selling his??
  7. Id go an xr250 man, in your situation. With that much to spend. Without raving about the new yammy wr250r with the extended service intervals, its not a bad choice, but out of the price range.

    Stick away from the maintenance intensive dirt bikes. Its just a pain.
  8. Amen to that!!

    I have worn holes in the bottom of several right foot boots trying to start my WR400. When it hasn't been idden for a while it is a farker to get it going. And the compression (even with de-comp) will make your leg sore for days! I haven't ridden my WR for almost 18 months, and probably a large part of that is dreading getting it started, where if it had an electric leg, I would ride it much more often.

    Time for a WR450!

    The KLX400 I believe equires valve service almost every second ride..
  9. +1 TTR250.

    I think they are more versatile than the XR, and the button is brilliant!
  10. +2 for the TTR

    A good all rounder - easy to commute on, simple to work on and service yourself, the motor is bullet proof has been around for yonks. It's fast enough to be more than capable off road, in the right hands and on the right tracks It will keep up with WR's and the like.

    Simple, relatively cheap, you can't kill them and they are a ton of fun.
  11. Thanks guys I appreciate the advice! Looks like an XR250 or TTR250 should be good options if I can find them in my price range.. bikesales has very few that are cheap.. I'll try bikepoint and ebay, anywhere else thats good in particular for dirties?

    And yeah I think Jeff already sold his TTR :cry:
  12. I recommend you get whatevers newer. Old 4 strokes suck balls in regards to power and when it comes to dunes/soft sand its rather noticable.

    @thesal: Yeah wet weathers fun, but not too wet. Once mud starts getting seveal feet thick and you drop your bike :cry: . Once when I did that I barely managed to get my bike upright after much struggling only to be stuck myself unable to pull my feet free of the mud. I had to get pulled out :LOL: .
  13. thats fcuken gay, i just wrote out this massive long post, but i took too long and i got logged out. :roll:

    but basically, spend as much as you can. kick starters arent as bad as these old farts are making em out to be :wink: :grin:
    (at least on the XR, i wouldnt say the same for the WR :LOL: )
    if you are buying unregoed or interstate, make sure its got:
    -complete duct tail assembly
    -lights blinkers mirrors all that crap, although not hard to source from ballards, MCAS etc, if you dont see them work your self, when you fit them you could just find it also has a problem somewhere else in the circuit, and it can be fcuken impossible to find.
    -STOCK EXHAUST or make sure you can buy one and factor that into budget.
    -refelctor on the back
    -wheel bearings

    other wise forget the blue slip

    any way, when i get my XR4 sorted out this week, you are more than welcome to take her for a spin, im sure alex or jeff could point you too some decent trails up northern beaches way, i could never find em...

    any questions mate, or if you want a hand looking at bikes, give us a yell.
  14. Thanks for that Dom, lot of good info there. This won't be a keeper, will likely sell it when I finish uni (unless I fall madly in love with offroad), ie. this time next year, so I don't want to mess around with changing anything. Just want to buy something with rego in good nick and be able to do normal maintenance then sell it later on. Research suggests 3-4 is much more realistic budget.

    And I would love to have a go on your XR sometime :grin:

  15. Then you can look at a DRZ400 :cool:
  16. Then you can look at a DRZ400 :cool:
  17. 4.5 will get you a reasonable DRZ, much more civilised than an XR in so many ways, especially on the road. still i like my red pig :p
  18. Hehe, aiming to go as cheap as possible for this one. When it comes to crunch time (2 months) I'll be keeping an eye out for TTR250 especially. I figure if I really get into it, I won't want a dirtbike, I'll want an adventure bike like KLR650 or something.

    edit: I'm used to rough as all hell power, shifting, etc. damn budget vtwins :LOL: Spose it could be 2x worse on a 1cyl though :wink:
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  20. wtf ? ???

    this is nsw not qld or vic

    you need to find yourself a new rego guy