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New to Central Coast... just got me a 1krr

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by TheDoctor, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hi there guys!

    Just moved in to Australia from Malta. Been here for 4 weeks now and was getting some bad withdrawal symtoms without a bike. Back in my country i had a 1000rr and a 600F4i and I found a sweet deal here on the same litre bike.

    There are some nice places to ride here but have no idea where you guys meet out on weekends, pub, cafe something??

  2. Welcome aboard Chris !
    Damn ... you mean to say that there are places to ride on that magnificent little island? :LOL:
    I was there for a few months as a kid ... lovely place, but can't remember if there were any open spaces where one could cruise.
  3. Welcome.

    Isn't Wyoming in America somewhere, they have cactii there and lots of sand.

    Have you checked out the events forum for social events?

    Have fun.
  4. Hi Doctor and welcome.

    I'll give you a few local rides that Sydney riders are doing on the weekends.

    Click on the link and put in the search .

    Gosford ...NSW.
    Berowra ...NSW.
    Mount white... NSW.


    This will take you to a area know as the Old road ,its a one of the main riding spots for Sydney riders out for a ride in the local area around Sydney.
    Buy a street directory at any petrol station ,and ride up to mount white on the "OLD pacific hwy".
    There is a motorcycle riders cafe up there called Road Warriors also for a chat to other riders.

    Also look up in your street directory or the search .....for "Putty road" its a great road and just remember to get fuel if you pass a petrol station if your getting to half a tank of fuel.

    Search ..........
    Richmond NSW.
    Broke NSW.

    Or a another local road for abit of fun ,is ride to Gosford to wisemans ferry.

    Gosford NSW.
    Wisemans ferry NSW.

    When you get to the end there is a FREE car ferry you can cross the river and go over the other side and it will bring to around the back of sydney from the west.
    The road getting TO the ferry is the better part ,so really no need to cross over ,expect for a photo on the ferry ,its a 2 minutes trip over and runs all day long , there is a Pub {Hotel} on the other side of a drink and lunch.

    There are better search engines and maps ,but this one is pretty clear with the directions. :wink:

    Remember our roads are shit ,so keep an eye out.