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new to cbr 929, need some help :)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by davey_charlie, May 17, 2010.

  1. hey guys i just got myself a 01 cbr 929.

    got a few things i need help with..

    I need a new battery, ive been checking around on the net and got the part number YTZ10S. They are anything between $100-300, is there any other alternatives? would supercheap, or and other auto/ battery shops (maybe even k mart?) stock batteries that would be efficient enough?

    Im going to change the oil and coolant, I think i have to use 10-40w for oil. not really 100% sure what weight an what brands to use. I want a good quality oil, i don't mind paying abit extra. I have no idea about which coolant to use either.
    for the oil it says to use 3.9 US qt, which i don't know what that is converted to ml or litres.

    Is a honda shop the only place i will be able to get air filters and oil filters or is there aftermarket alternatives?

    Need to get a new rear tyre, size is 190/50 ZR17 (73W). what have good grip that will last a few km's?

    I'm between melbourne and shepparton if you have any shop recommendations.

    charlie :)
  2. Good choice of bike. Tossed up between the 929 and the R1 and went the way of the tuning fork.

    Bought my last battery from Kmart for my 00 R1. Its handy to know they stock them if you ever get stuck as they obviously open sundays and are around the country.

    Motul is a very recognised brand and naturally you pay for it. Would suggest motul 5100 or higher. Personally always used 5100 then shifted to trying Delo diesel oil.

    Coolant never been fussy just bought whatever was in Supercheap auto.

    Would suggest for starting out stay with Honda filters etc.

    Rear tyre, dont know how you ride but would suggest you investigate something like Michelin Pilot Road 2. ie sport touring tyre for longevity but still with good grip.
  3. Congrats, you'll love the bike.

    The oem battery is a fully enclosed, no maintenance battery. I opted for a $80-100 one when mine died, and its been perfect. Just requires topping up water come service time which I leave to my mech anyway.

    10-40 would be fine. I run fully synthetic castrol racing 1 for motorcycles (I think its called) from supercheap, $60 for 4L The sump is about 3.9L, depends on whether you're changing the filter too. I suggest you put in an oil filter with a nut thing on the front, makes life alot easier - not much space to play around with the headers. Bit of a stuff around, have to take side fairing off etc. I pay about 20-25 for a filter.

    For an air filter, I'd suggest a BMC (ebay). The K&N air filters have been proven on a dyno to reduce overall hp on the 929. If you want to really set it up nicely, google 'HTEV eliminator', zip tie down the flapper in the airbox/remove it, power commander + custom map.

    I found the fueling on mine was abrupt at 2500-3500 revs which made riding in traffic a nightmare, so a pc3 and tune was almost mandatory for me.

    I just replaced mich pilot road 2 tyres with powers. The road 2s lasted me a trackday, a snowies trip, tasmania trip, commuting - about 12000kms at least from the set, and both the front and back wore out at the same time. I'd recommend the road 2s or similar for lots of kms and decent grip.
  4. a quart is 946ml, 3.9 quart is close enough to 3.7 litres.
  5. Thanks guys,
    i'l get a kmart battery and some castrol 1 racing!
    phizog where can you buy the oil filters with the nut on it?

    where can you get the these? any links to the flapper mod?

    also do you have the part number for the bmc air filter?
  6. The oil filters with the nut on them are K&N filters. American brand but made in Thailand.
    If you dont have any m/c stores closeby your local Autobahn store can order them in for you.
  7. As smoky said, k&n oil filters should be on stock at your local motorcycle store. If you've got an oil filter wrench you dont need one with the nut on the end, but I still haven't invested in one and the only car ones I found were too big.

    For the bmc air filter;
    Manufacturer: BMC FILTERS
    Manufacturer Part Number: FM239/11

    ebay link

    Htev replacement part

    Flapper valve mod
    Basically lift tank up, take airbox cover off, and zip tie closed or remove the flapper (will be obvious).

    Ebay is your friend.

    Have fun :)
  8. thanks mate i'l look into it. dont need anymore power at the moment :)
  9. got a battery for $50 bucks from kmart. same product number, perfect fit
  10. heres a dodgy iPhone pic
  11. What did you pay for it if you don't mind my asking... looks mint.
  12. got it for 4k no reg. needs new tyres and 3rd gear has a loud chatter, so may need to replace third gear
  13. Looks just like mine :)

    Grats on the ride
  14. cheers mate they are great bikes
  15. sexy bike dudeman!

    any coolant is fine - they all do the same thing and don't vary much really whatsoever. I just buy the cheapest of the cheap for coolant.