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New to Brisbane,Netrider and Road Bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by greyghost, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hey there Guys, new to the road bike scene I have just got myself a FZR 250 and am totaly hooked on it my sister has talked me into the on road scene she has a CBR fire blade no doubt she will be registering on here soon We hope to catch up with some Brisbane riders soon!! :grin:

  2. Welcome mate. Stick around, learn and contribute.
    We're mostly a friendly bunch.
    If you're sister is "hot" ..............I'll leave it at that :)
  3. g'day bloke and welcome.

    In a little while Kezza and BM will invite you to Friday coffee :p

    While you're waiting, grab a brew or a beer and check out what we get up to.....




    HERE and


    To name a few :wink:
  4. Thanks buddy for the welcome and I dont know if she is (lookin through brothers eyes) but it has been said that she is :wink:
  5. Hi and welcome to NR, greyghost :grin:
  6. Welcome to the madness, mate, and the unique madness of Queensland Netrider especially :LOL:.
  7. Thanks Guys for the warm welcomes cant wait to meet you all which coffe club at milton we will be there for sure!!
  8. Welcome to Brisbane greyghost, although not new to Brisbane myself (been here for ages) I am new to bikes and netrider.....

    As soon as I learn to ride the damn bike, then I too can come out and meet you guys.....

  9. Welcome aboard as well tubby.

    You'll find it's great fun..... once you get over the intimidation of being told everyone is trying to kill you.
  10. OI i resemble that comment!!! :roll:

    Oh sorry ELO!!!! if you bored come down for breakfast and if you not go to CC's have a ball!
  11. 'ello Tubby?

    hope you don't have a "telly" living with you :shock: you might find it hard to get people to join in a ride with the "telly tubbies"

    OK OK, I'll go back to the meds.......

    Hornet did say we were kinda special
  12. That depends. Most people dont mind the telly tubbies except for po, who has now joined "Les Girls" @ Kings Cross.

    Guys, thats what you get for carrying a handbag.
  13. welcome greyghost. new to road bikes eh? so does that mean you've been into dirtbikes in the past? either way, have fun and look out for those brissie netriders.
  14. Hey there carri27 yup been into dirt bikes,raced them for a while and in my infinite wisdom while I was young I decided that I wasnt breakin enough bones so I rode bulls for a livin for 10 years :( that did it :wink: cant wait to catch up with brissie net riders!!
  15. woo hooo another brissie netrider.....the gang is really growing

    sorry i wasn't around to welcome you but i see that the others have given you all the relevant links :grin:

    it'll be good to catch up with you, hopefully on friday......

  16. Bull riding. Brave man.

    At least motorbikes dont DELIBERATELY try and kill you.....
  17. True bikes they dont deliberatly try kill us but Im not to sure bout some people in cars, I think that id rather have a angry bull tearing up my backside than a 4wd..or taxi... :?
  18. depends if it's just plain angry.....

    or angry AND horny :shock:
  19. Hello All-

    Hello All,
    I'm GreyGhost's Sis, looking forward to Friday night, we will be there, one way or another!