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New to bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tezza1959, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm living on the central coast NSW and looking to get into riding on weekends and on holidays. Going for my learners this month and after researching on the net and talking with those who are in the know I am considering on purchasing a GS500 (new or used - not sure). This bike appears to be great for the first timers. I would appreciate any assistance in choosing the right bike. I am 180 cm tall and weigh in at approx 92 kg, believing this is a valid factor when choosing the right bike.

  2. Welcome to NR, mate

    The Suzuki is a good, simple, old school bike. I was told by a local dealer recently they are no longer in production, but there's usually a few pre-owned for sale around the traps.

    Try http://cycle-ergo.com/ for sizing. You'll need to measure your inseam to get the full benefit.

    Good luck with the Learners
  3. Welcome, start of summer, good time to start riding.

    I agree about the GS500, it's a great bike and has seen hundreds through their learner years!
  4. welcome aboard :] good luck for the learners
  5. Welcome and enjoy your riding future. Re bike choice, ride the GS but try and get a ride on a few other 400-600's as well, Honda CB's are popular here and there are plenty of threads on bike choices too. Reason is to just get a feel for a few different ones before making your decision, you may find something different that floats your boat!
  6. Hi Tezza
    I too just got my bike license, was also looking at gs 500 the ones i saw were around the 5000-6000 dollar mark then i sat on a new honda cb500x and found it suited very well and yep ended up buying a new one for $2500 more it is new and with abs brakes as well :]

    got it for $7500 with 6 months rego
    thats in qld

    may be worth looking at one
  7. Thanks all for your assistance. It looks best I get my learners and check a few different LAM models out before deciding. Then once I obtain my full license then look at that dream bike (what ever that will be after 15 months).
  8. That makes sense. Relatively cheap and (more importantly) easy to ride to start with, and then whatever you want later. I've decided that I may as well keep chugging around on my little CB250 for now, and come November the 3rd this year I can have whatever I like.
  9. Hi Tezza,

    I've just started riding myself, from Sydney - decided to go with the VTR250 as it is a durable and easy-to-ride learners bike.

    Idea is that I will upgrade later on once I am more experienced :) (this is different for everyone I understand).

    Hope to see you about if you come up to Sydney?


  10. Welcome to the forum mate!
  11. T
    Thanks George,
    Pre learners booked for two weeks time, fingers crossed
  12. Have a look at the Duke 390. Light, comfortable, extreme fun
  13. Thanks George

    I'll add this one to my list of options. See if I can find one on the Central Coast to test ride.