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New to bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rebel Without a Clue, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Got my L's a few weeks ago but have only ridden a friends cb250 from craigieburn to frankston which was my first ride on the road, a little hairy but took it slowly and was comfortable by the time i hit the tunnel, by the time i got to eastlink i knew that a 250 was way to small for my fat ass, i have picked up a cheap 94 yzf600r that was dropped, i know its too big for L's but its a risk im taking, just waiting for the fairings to be painted and then i can finally ride it.

    PS dont bother with the "its illegal" lectures i know the risk.
  2. your bad )
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  3. think of hurting other people or their property...insurance is there for a reason, you will not get insurance riding a bike that isn't lams approved whilst on your l's - i hope the plod pings you on your first three rides out...because i doubt your smart enough to learn the first time

    anyone wanna flame me about that shit? fcuk right off i dont care and stick by it.....sure we break the speed limits or cross lines blah blah blah but we're still all covered by insurance.
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  4. LOL, Thats a big call, you can gaurentee that every other rider has insurance??[DOUBLEPOST=1356946411][/DOUBLEPOST]However i did change my user name just for you crisis.
  5. Can guarantee that it is most probable that they will be covered by CTP whereas, even if yours is covered under another name, it will be useless if you are riding the bike.
  6. man i'm not gonna argue with you about it, i've had my say and you have your view's .....you're free to do what you want yeah? so we'll leave it there.
  7. check again, YOUR tac insurance that YOU pay for with rego covers YOU, whereas i will not be covered.

    But once again for the nufty's that cant read "i know the risks"
  8. Actually. I don't pay TAC.
    Enough said. You're a fool. End of story.
  9. Im not arguing its a fact, there is probably a lot of people on this forum alone who dont have insurance, im just honest about it, fact is i am only going to be on restriction for 15 months so im not going to buy a lams bike that is too small for me and then sell it in 15 months for a bigger bike, i also got a good deal on the 600.

    As you have already said with the speeding and crossing lines we all take risks, if any thing i will take less in the first 15 months as i dont want to get pulled over.

    How ever you want to look at it eveyone takes risks, this is mine.[DOUBLEPOST=1356947608][/DOUBLEPOST]Did
    Did you even read that page?

    What does CTP insurance cover?
    The TAC premium covers injuries to a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcyclist or a cyclist as a result of transport accidents caused by driving a vehicle.
    It is used to cover the cost of things such as medical treatment, support, special equipment costs and rehabilitation services to the injured party."

    Does not state anywhere in there about who it covers, just people involved in an accident.
  10. The TAC premium covers injuries to a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcyclist or a cyclist as a result of transport accidents caused by driving a vehicle.

    caused by driving a vehicle? ...if you have tac insurance...and your driving a vehicle...and you cause injuries to a driver passenger pedestrian motorcyclicst or cyclist.....seems fairly straight forward to me
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  11. Im not one to pass judgement so dont take this the wrong way, but unfortunately I learnt my lessons the hard way. I used to ride unregistered/uninsured unlicensed, suspended all the time, all at once. Got pinged ALL the time. Never learnt my lesson until i was facing jail time. Sure i was a hoon, still am, but i can say the only time i ever got done for hooning related offenses was for lane splitting during a massive traffic jam. Every other time i got done was for not having my shit together when it came to all the legalities of owning a bike. My excuse was i needed to ride to get me to and from work. I also didnt give a shit about cops. But when your standing in court expecting to walk out with a slap on the wrist but instead being told if you commit one more serious offence your looking at 6 to 12 months in lock up, reality begins to set in. Luckily for me i avoided jail time but lost my license for 18 months all up. On top of that it delayed me a year and a half upgrading to unrestriced. But thankfully thats all in the past now. I like to think ive matured a little and I take bike ownership very seriously. Im now fully licensed, fully insured and fully intend to hold onto all my points for as long as i can. At the end of the day its your life and you live it how you want to live it. Just try to avoid following the same path i took. It really isnt worth it.
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  12. Op said dont bother and yet...
    Welcome mate
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  13. I know where you are coming from 63, 20 years i had the same frame of mind to a lesser extent, this situation is a little different, the bike will only be used on weekends with good weather, my car has full comp and registered, the bike is registered, in vic because i have a full car license i only have to hold my L's for 3 months (have already booked in for the next test) and then you go onto a full bike license with no requirement to display L or P plates but you do have the lams restriction for 12 months, for this reason i could not see the point of passing on a good deal to buy a lams bike (which because of the demand are more expensive and are a lesser bike than non lams bike) the other option for me was to not ride for 15 months, after riding a cb250 im clearly too big for a smaller bike, i made my decision knowing full well what the consequences could be, as part of the decision i also decided that if i do get done i will park it for the rest of my restriction as i dont want to risk losing any more than 3 points.

    It is good to see that someone on here can get there point across without holier than thou personal attacks.[DOUBLEPOST=1356949692][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Thanks bad, even tho i pointed out not to bother i knew some would, seems some people believe there view must be seen.
  14. What's acouple of grand doing something right, compared to not paying CTP and being whacked with some medical bill from someone you hurt while riding?

    They don't cover you upto $300,000 in some cases because medical bills are cheap. If you want that, Ride in Thailand :tantrum:

    This is like all those guys who drive around in heavily modified cars that don't comply, All it takes is for you insurer to have your car inspected and defected post accident and they can by law & contract negate your Insurance claim/payout. That's gotta hurt if your racing another high powered car, or drive through a building. Cool way to spend $10-250k.
  15. In over 20 years of driving (about 10 of those in one of those disgraceful anti social heavily modified cars you speak of) i have never written off a car or had an accident with personal injury or damage totaling 3k but of course in the next 15 months (closer to 14 now) im going to plow through a crowd of disabled children and slide through the base of the rialto bringing it crashing down, all of this on a bike, i will make sure i have an onboard video as that would make a great youtube video.......................
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  16. #17 Hypervisor, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2012
    I think my Signature is really reflective of my POV. I have mates with cars that put out in excess of 1000hp (Supra, Senators etc) & Lower power cars (Evo's & STI's) and as much they "think" they are good drivers. They have crashed, They have hurt people and lucky for them they all had CTP & Full Insurance.

    F1, V8 Supercar & MotoGP athletes all crash somedays. With all the safety, Performance and control features and their years (20,30,40 years) of "professional skill" they all crash. It's just a matter of time & luck. It's a big gamble.

    $200k btw isn't much for a medical bill, Especially if it's a long hospital stay or serious injury or the person sues.

    Do what you want, just don't run into me :) with my wage and age i wouldn't blink an eyelid at suing someone for damages for the next 40 years of my working life :p as lost wages[DOUBLEPOST=1356951722][/DOUBLEPOST]
    lol - No Your Bad!
  17. Thank you for pointing out the obvious, i believe everything you have said comes under the comment "i know the risks".

    Out of interest how many years experience do you have on a bike to come up with what you have put in your sig?
  18. I didn't make it up, I took it from another person with more experience than I.
  19. experience or skill does not apply here....just let it go man and ignore me and everyone else giving you shit and get on with it....you've got a stupid idea in your head(that's only my view there.) and your going to run with it, so simply ignore anyone who isn't giving you what you want to hear ...or answering the questions you want answered..

    basically...use netrider for what you wanted to when you signed up - i don't care how old or experienced you are your a silly stubborn prick...but hey...that's life - good luck to you and happy new year lol...stay upright.
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