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New to bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ben_1210, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. hey, just had a few questions. I have always wanted to learn to ride and have decided that im gona give it a crack!
    So looking for a first bike, prob is im a tall guy at 6 foot 5 but realy want a sports bike such as a ninja 250ror something similar, what would be the most comfortable at my height? And i play a fair high level of sport and have had groin problms for over 2 years now, and had surgury on them recently, so just wanted to know if any of you guys ever get groin pain due to riding? cheers

  2. For your height, I think your going to find any of the learner approved sport bikes too small. Sport bikes also generally have seats with little padding, which might aggravate your groin issues. The best thing to do would be go sit on the bikes you like and see how they feel.
    For a person of your height, a Kawasaki KLE500 could be a good option.
  3. Yes after an operation a few years back, motorcycle riding still gives me pain. 250cc bikes are small anyways and couple that with a bent over sports riding position, youll probably be crushing yourself.

    If youre going to be on your P's for 3 years than Id suggest you invest in one of the bigger LAMS bikes.
  4. I think you will be pretty uncomfortable on the ninja250, CBR250 and most sports 250s.. and probably look quite funny too.

    Perhaps you should try the Suzuki GS500
    or the now learner approved 09 model Suzuki SV650S
    Hyosung 650, Kawasaki ZZR250 & Kawasaki GPX250 are also suitable for tall riders.
  5. I was going to recommend a motard but you said you youre after a sportsbike so not to sure. Good accelleration, potential to give sports bike a run for their money through the twisties, just doesnt have much top end speed ;)
  6. if you dont mind me asking, what sort of op did you have gsxxer? and thanks everyone for your suggestions! But for me Footy is my number 1 priority so i will not be riding until i have my groin issues sorted (hopefully soon!)