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New to bikes..........soon!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mrfrontmount, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Name is Adam. I live on the NSW central coast. Have been into cars for quite a while ( Jap turbocharged goodness) and now have a deep down hankering for a road bike to get around on and do some weekend trips on.
    Have just turned 30 and wanted to have my learner by now but work has been crazy and I have yet to even book my pre-learners. I hope to be all sorted by the end of October at the latest. Not really sure which way i will go for my first bike yet, but do quite like the midsize sport nakeds around at the moment. I have ridden dirt bikes when i was younger but never really had time on any road bikes. looking forward to soaking up all the knowledge possible. And of course ridding the Old Pac Hwy down to pie in the sky as often as possible.


  2. Welcome Aboard Adam!
  3. TA!

    Just sold my R32 Skyline GTR about 10 minutes ago so i better go get my learners so i can spend some of the cash!!!!
  4. Just booked in for my pre learners. Course is 1st and 2nd October at night. I thought i would have to wait for ages, so i am stoked its next week!!!
  5. Nice. I can't remember the rule with over 30, do you still have to have 3 months on Ls? A midsize bike would work, and then chuck a turbo on it when you get used to it ;)
  6. Mature age (0ver 30) riders can go straight from L's to unrestricted. Just have to pass prelearners then MOST. so i guess you really only have to stay on your L's between when you complete pre learners and then your MOST.

  7. Just got home from completing my pre-learners. I passed, which is good. Now just need to go off to the RTA and pass the RKT and i will be ready to go!
  8. and in 7 days you can go for your p's i hate you :LOL:

    welcome to netrider, watch out motorcycles are very addictive :twisted:
  9. Welcome :)

    Consensus (for what it's worth) here is that 600cc is a good place to start, and that a second-hand bike is also a wise move for a new rider. It's a good 'ease in' to the power and feel of a full-sized bike, and given the possibility of it at least falling over in the driveway once, (or worse :roll:) you'll cry less over a second-hand bike than a new one.

    That said, if you've got the dough, go out and buy a new 1000 :LOL:.
  10. your such a boy racer paul trust you to say that, bloody rebels :LOL:
  11. weeel, if I handn't said it, someone else would have :LOL:.
  12. As soon as i pass my RKT and get my learners i can book in to do MOST then pass that and go straight to full license. I can spend up to about 10 or 11 on a bike if need be. just not sure whether to go for something cheap, like 3 or 4 grand on a 250 to 500 leaner legal then upgrade in six or so months or just get my blacks and buy something i really want and not have to upgrade later.

    so hard to decide. I do like the Kwaka Z750's.
  13. sorry i must have missed the bit where it was any of your business how i sold my car.

    did you happen to notice i had it up for sale for nearly 4 months?

    thanks for adding some really worthwhile comments to my topic and making me really want to keep contributing to this forum.
  14. Well chosen words, Kishy
  15. I have taken on board all that has been said. And i respect your opinions and see where you are comming from. I do have much too learn and that is why I am here.

    BUT, I belive that you do what is required at the time to get things done. And at the time I had a car which cannot fit a baby seat safely and a new son who really needed somewhere to sit. Bumping for sale threads is common practise on that other forum. Bumping is not common practise on others , such as this one. I am a member of several different internet forums and have been for years. I always try to abide by the rules where ever I am. Rest assured I have read the rules for posting and will respect them here.

    On another note, booked for my DKT on Saturday morning and am going bike shopping in the afternoon ( so long as I pass, of course).

    Looking forward to actually getting a bike and using it.
  16. Burleigh Heads???
  17. yep passed teat and already bought a GS500. pics in general section new bike thread.
  18. Well at least you've seen the merits of being in NSW; the weather's much nicer and the people, well, what can I say :LOL:???
  19. Hang around for a bit mrfrontmount and watch ISCN smoke other noobs as they walk through the door, it's a right of passage at NR.
    If you don't take it personally (and you haven't), then you'll be ticked off whatever that f*#king list is he's working on, and be made to feel welcome.
    After a while you get to see it for the giggle that it is. Just don't rattle his chain eh?