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New to bikes saying hello - tips appreciated.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kriZy, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Hello netrider fellows.

    My name's krizy from sydney and got my L's 2-3 months ago and recently picked up an Aprilia RS125 2007 as a first bike to learn on and ride with.

    I'm quite interested in learning more about my RS125 as i don't know much so any tips is appreciated. I understand these 2-strokes require more maintenance than 4-strokes but im willing to learn more about bikes so thats the reason i went for it (besides the great looks it has). Oh btw its got 5000kms on it :D

    I've just downloaded an owners manual online as it didn't come with one to read and boy its a lil different to understand than a car. If you're an aprilia owner i'd be happy to chat with you :D

  2. Hi kriz,

    Cant help you with the RS but welcome to NR.

  3. Shattered that your in Sydney mate, i just started riding also and got an Rs125 '05 model. Would of been great to be able to learn with someone else. As i start riding if i figure any good tips out i'll let you know.
  4. Welcome. There's a lively few Aprilia 125 owners on Netrider, some with great stories and some with horror tales of engines and waiting for parts. Best of luck with your's :).
  5. cheers guys.
  6. welcome in mate :)