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New to bikes, new to Sydney.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 4lex, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. I won't bore you all with the perpetual 'should I buy a baby blade'!

    I'm pretty keen on a kwaka (head says GPX, heart says ZX2), but basically I just wan't to sit on a bunch of learner bikes, and hopefully ride a few.

    If everyone could list their favourite 2nd hand bike shop in or around central sydney I'd be very grateful. If there are any cowboys I need to particularly avoid I'd be keen to hear about them too (pm if you don't want to publish the name). Is there a paramatta road for bikes?

  2. i bought my last bike (ZZR250) from Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers on Esuton Road in Alexandria - I've nothing bad to say about them and in terms of servicing they were excellent. :)
  3. Hey, 4lex
    Come along to the Homebush meeting on Tuesday night and meet the crazies.
    All the details are on the Rides and Announcements page.
  4. In a city of 4 million people you will definitely be able to find a bike and a dealer, and, hopefully, some friends on bikes; that's where Netrider comes in.
    Like RC said, come along on Tuesday night and pick the brains of the locals
  5. Hey Man! Welcome, I say Go the Kawasaki!!!! I have a little GPX myself, quick enough to get outta traffic and quick enough to get booked on too :oops:

    Why not buy private? Hella cheaper, just get an inspection done on it before you lay down the cash!
  6. I'd say go private as well. Check out www.tradingpost.com.au and see what you find. Sooner or later, you'll get a good deal. Keep in mind that dealers buy from this as well and then mark it up to make a profit for themselves. So if you buy private, you're saving some money. The only thing is that you need to know what you're looking for when inspecting the bike. Bring a mate?
  7. Thanks for all the responses. Homebush might be tricky before I've got wheels....

    There's never been any doubt about buying private - I was just wanting to take advantage of a few dealers to get a free go of various different machines.

    I wonder if whichever moderator saw fit to move this thread from general discussion would be kind enough to tell me why? I'm asking for used bike shops, which you would've noticed had you taken the time to read it.
  8. Steaming the mods and telling them how to run the site might ensure that you as a newbie never get a chance to be an oldie, my boy!
  9. hes not telling anyone how 2 run the place. hes only asking a Q
  10. I wonder if whichever moderator saw fit to move this thread from general discussion would be kind enough to tell me why? I'm asking for used bike shops, which you would've noticed had you taken the time to read it.

    If someone asked me this question in this tone of voice, I would not take it as a simple request for information. I was just warning him to drop the arrogant tone of voice, I'm sure the mods can speak for themselves. Sorry if you read it differently!
  11. Not sure how you can say that was said in a certain "tone of voice" when its plain written text. The way i read it wasnt arrogant at all, you chose to read it that way.

    Fair enough question i thought.

    Anyway who cares though... Welcome and goodluck findin somethin...
  12. Yep, at Parramatta :D
    There's Action motorcycles and Bikebiz across the road from each other, both have a lot of bikes, between them you should be able to sit on all the bikes your interested in.
    There's also a Kawasaiki dealer with a lot of bikes just down the road.

    Don't know how generous they all are at giving test rides though.

    There's also an MCAS in Parramata, all 3 shops have a good range of gear and because of the competition they usualy give 10% discount if you ask nice. Best area in Sydney to go bike/accessories shopping.
  13. tone of voice? wtf :LOL:

    how do u get a tone of voice from text?
    i thought tone of voice was to do wif sound? :LOL:

    Youre reading too much into something thats not there.

    Hes asking a simple Q.. nothing more, nothing less.

  14. I won't lose any sleep over it. It's a basic courtesy to advise a poster if you've seen fit to moderate their input in any way, which hasn't happened in this case.

    Thanks to all those with on-topic responses, having sat on loads and test ridden half a dozen, I'm sold on a ZX2. Just got to find an uncrashed, unthrashed example. Should be a walk in the park.....
  15. Back on topic.


    Do you know you don't need to ride a 250 in NSW on your L's?

    Just want to make sure you know
  16. Indeed, why not buy a new Hyosung 650 and get the carbs done once you are off Ps, then you don't need to buy a new bike for your unrestricted licence?
  17. Yes, I've had a go of a GS500F, some 650 beemer and a Hyosung 650, while they fit me better they didn't feel very exciting. With the exception of the brakes on the ZX2 (that I've ridden), the whole package feels pretty taught, and I love how smooth the tiny 4cyl screamer is.

    It'd doubtless be a better long term choice to buy a bigger bike, but I won't be covering any serious distances on it, and it seems to me 250 sportsbikes are pretty much residual value now - with a bit of care and attention I think I can realistically expect to sell it on for more than the purchase price in a years' time.

    On the brakes thing, all those I've ridden have felt a bit woolly on the brakes, probably meaning the flexi hoses are in need of replacement/upgrade and the fluid hasn't been changed since time began. Surely twin front discs with fourpot calipers has to be enough to effectively stop 250kg?

    My one cause for concern is parts availability - obviously eBay will provide, but it would be nice if there was real shop carrying spares - anyone know of any around Sydney?
  19. Have you thought of the VFR400 or the CBR400?

    Little bit more x'ie but better bikes