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New to bikes & need help!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tinytonez, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm about to get my first bike a cbr250r. It currently has a problem, you cant really put it into gear. So I don't know if its the gearbox or the clutch. Does anyone know how much a new gearbox or a new clutch are? Also I'm located in Sydney, who can I call to come and have a look at it?

    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!! Can't wait to finally ride my first bike!!!!!
  2. Alright, Tony (?), first things first; welcome to Netrider.

    Put Sydney in your profile too, it will help in answering other questions that you may ask in other threads.

    Now, your bike. You've bought it already but it won't engage the gears? Did you test ride it first? Can you get it back to where you bought it and get them/him to fix it up for you? Unless you bought it knowing that it was faulty in some way, they have at least a moral obligation to get the problem fixed for you.....
  3. The bike was given to me by my brother. I took it knowing there was problems. He didn't want to bother with it, so now I'm doing the running around to get it back on the road.
  4. The bike was given to me by my brother. I took it knowing there was problems. He didn't want to bother with it, so now I'm doing the running around to get it back on the road.
  5. Aha, explained :).

    OK, assuming the clutch cable is still intact, does it disengage/engage when you pull the lever in and out?

    Have you checked the gear linkages on the outside of the bike, footrest side? Are they bent, out of adjustment?

    And, can you afford to take it to a mechanic, at least for a diagnosis, of not a fix?
  6. I'm planning to take it to a machanic. Is there anywhere that can be recommended?
  7. where abouts in sydney are you?
  8. its ok u can reach 80 in 1st im guessin ur on ur Ls so thats ur limit.

    +1 for a mechanic for a diagnosis shoudnt cost u more than 50$ bucks for that
  9. Lets make Tuesday, "ride around in first day" :p

    You go first Z
  10. I live in Mt Pritchard, Sydney. Is there anyone that I can get to come out to look at it?
  11. ok call me a jewb but can you give me a metro centre near mt pritchard? im assuming its south west??? and what do you mean it doesnt really engange in first, it either does or it doesnt. does it try and lurch forward when you engage? (most likely a clutch problem). or will it not engage 1st, is it stuck in neautral, or wont change up to 2nd? selection mechanism or box problem and time to get your wallet out.

  12. just to elaborate, since im at work, and as bored as bat shit. if its a selector mechanism problem, it shouldnt be too expensive to fix, thats if the selection mechanism isnt too different to the VTR250s, which i dont see why it would be, honda are farily interchangable with some parts. but thinking about what you have described, it does sound like a clutch problem. is their gear clash when you try and engage a gear? bit more info would be grand.

    btw its a great time to be doing work on your bike. pissing rain and double demirits mean the best place for you and your bike is in your garage nice, warm and dry giving your bike a little tlc like i did yesterday, did my first minor service on the firestorm, and also did an oil change on the 250, and found the rear sprocket was about to fall off :shock:
    the price you pay for not retightening the bolts every service.
    lesson learnt: will always check bolts on moving parts *tick*

  13. Mt Pritchard is next to Liverpool.

    It doesn't go into gear at all. So will that be a gearbox issue?
  14. is the gear lever limp is it stuck? does it have any more than a couple of mm lateral freeplay??
    lateral free play would mean the gear spindle washer has come off. does it make a crunching noise when you try to engage??
  15. I just checked the bike today. It's stuck on first gear and will not budget fron that. You can press the clutch in and out. It did make a crunching noise before but not no more.