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New to bikes... keeping up with the missus

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Blind Kid Seeks, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals....

    This is my Very first Post on Netrider Forums, although i have been reading many many posts on here, and gathering plenty of very useful tidbits and lumps of advice for my new bike.

    My Girlfriend put me onto here and has been instrumental in me getting a bike and my license.

    So here she is.... the bike that is ;)

    Its 2000 Model Honda VTR250, Black and Silver with Gold rims.


    I bought it a few weeks ago now, and have been thoroughly enjoying riding it!
    I found out a few days ago that the tyres were still the original onse that came with the bike back in 2000 (she only has 11700kms on her), so i organised a set of Michelin Pilot Powers to go on, upgrading the rear to a 150/60/17r.

    Also had a Megacycle Pipe fitted... so happy with the noise she makes now, and seems to have kept its performance, depsite the feedback i have been reading that aftermarket, free-er flowing pipes reduce a lot of the torque... having said that, i have yet to ride the bike hard with the baffle out.. .time will tell.


    future mods...

    Tacho Cluster - or a Shift Light,
    change the bars to something a little more aggressive.
    Rear Hugger - Ordered.

    looking forward to meeting a few others and maybe going on some social rides...