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New to bikes in Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ash_173, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all, about 5 months ago I got my learners but didn't have the funds to get a bike. Well that's changed I got a new (to me) Yamaha XVS650. I'm 6'2" and over 100kg, I've found the DragStar is a great fit compared to other bikes I've ridden (250s and a 400s). Despite the heavier build I've found the position and size of the bike is much easier to control especially at low speeds.

    I've got a Haynes Service and Repair Manual on the way and plan to change the oil, oil filter and air filter so that I know it's been done rather than relying on what I've been told has been done. Has anyone got suggestions for what else I should do? I'm new to bikes but want to do maintenance myself.

    Also if anyone has suggestions for accessories or parts upgrades that are worthwhile please let me know.
    Yamaha XVS650 small.

  2. Welcome Ash

    Cruisers are very popular down this neck of the woods.

    You should consider joing the Geelong Toy run on 9th December leaving from Cunningham Pier at 10.30. Just bring a toy to donate to local kids charities.

    It's a great day and heaps of bikes turn out for it.
  3. Hi HB, thanks for the welcome. I've been asked to come for the toy run with some friends, but I'll have to see how I'm going confidence and skill wise...it would be pretty bad to cause a pile up.

  4. Used to see one of these parked down at the waterfront. Same colour scheme. Sounds like you've found a good fit for you.

    Might see you on it on the toy run ;)

  5. Don't worry about your skill level on the toy run. Riders with all skill levels will be there. Just ride within your own comfort zone and you will be fine.

    Hope to see you there.