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new to bikes - Brisbane to Sydney on a vt250... possible?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Puffin, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. So after reading heaps of these posts I have decided to go on a long trip on my little vt250.... Guess my only concern would be issues of safety, whether the beast would make the journey and cash...

    I am thinking 2 weeks in the coming months... what do you guys think? Possible with only 1000 bucks?

    I have only been riding for about 3 months (although longer if you take scootering (50cc) into account.. 3yrs...) but have always been a fan of just nicking off..

    Is this realistic? Should I wait a little longer..
  2. Hi Puffin.

    Just do it.

    I did Canberra to Cairns with day trips to Port Douglas twice, the athertons twice, Cape Tribulation twice and an amazing day trip of endurance to Cooktown on my vtr250.
    And then back again taking all the fun roads along the way down. No worries.

    And $1000 is heaps.

    Take it easy and take lots of photos.
  3. Just about anything is possible providing your not in a hurry and don't flog the bike to death. A long time ago, when I was 18, I rode a Suzuki A100 Mk III from Sydney to Melbourne and back. That's a little 98 cc two stroke commuter. It was at Easter and still very cold at night. My hands were so cold I found they were frozen into a claw shape when I visited a pub at Bookham to thaw out (literally). I cruised on 85 kph. It was good for 100 kph flat out. The seat was narrow, the suspension all used up with a huge pack strapped to the back. It took 18 hours down and 16 back. The things you do for love! I rode that little bike to Bathurst M/C races several times.
    More recently I did a 700 km day trip from Dubbo to Cobar and return on an NSR 150 SP. It sat on 130 - 140 kph for most of the journey with occasional bursts to 160. The fuel consumption wasn't good, the seat unbearable after 1 hour and the handlebar vibration such that I couldn't feel my hands for an hour after stopping. If I chose to do a long trip on a small bike again (which I probably wouldn't) I would get a sheep skin cover for the seat and make sure any luggage was well balanced and secure. Pay attention to the handlebar adjustment as what is comfortable for the city can leave the wrists sore after long stints on the open road. I found my neck gets sore on long hauls but the only solution may be a taller fairing to take the wind pressure off.

  4. If you mean a vtR 250 then you should have no worries.

    My vtr250 is great for touring - the plusses are the fuel economy and the very easy nature of the power, the biggest minus would be the lack of screen, which means you get blown about a bit.

    Just don't be in a hurry and you'll have a blast. My advice would be that if you're thinking about getting away - then do it! it will be better than you ever thought!

    Check the forums for touring hints and tips - it's an invaluable resource

    Let us know what you're up to!
  5. Piece of cake, and there are loads of great roads along the way you could take. You can tour on anything - all you need is the desire to go and do it.
  6. Absolutely; Rosie did Melbourne to Brisbane and back on a Yamaha 250 Virago a couple of years back!!!

    I did Melbourne to Canberra and back on a Kawasaki 250 two-stroke triple many years ago, and some loony has just ridden round Australia on
    a Sachs MadAss 125!!

    Get out there and DO IT!! {take lots of piccies, though, as gypsy said!}
  7. I'll add my encouragement Puffin, you will have a ball. $1000 should be plenty I have toured on much less money for much longer times. It depends on your accommodation. Camping is fun and cheap but means you have to tour with more gear. Pubs are generally pretty cheap although variable in quality. You do get to meet some local characters though if you pub it. Motels are more expensive and a bit more luxurious and can be a bit isolating.
  8. I'd add that I found the VTR250 had fairly 'buzzy' handlebars which got a little annoying after 800km or so. :LOL:

    (The Tiger 1050's balancer-equipped engine is extremely smooth by comparison)

    I agree with everyone else though - Just do it!

    And even if it "wasn't" doable, there's a lot of adventure to be had by taking inappropriate vehicles places where they weren't meant to go. :)
  9. Some heavier bar ends would probably fix that.