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New To Australia

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HurricaneHeather, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. #1 HurricaneHeather, Apr 25, 2015
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    Hi everyone!

    The name is Heather, I moved to Sydney last year and just picked up my first bike in Australia a couple months ago.

    I've been riding for 10 years, grew up drag racing, have done some road racing and worked as the bike tech at The Texas Mile back home in the US for the past 8 years.

    I hold an embarrassingly specific world record as the fastest woman on a stock April RSV4 in a standing mile at 173.3 MPH (I told you it was specific). My best friend holds the record for the fastest person on that bike at 178 MPH. I like to maintain that his leathers weighed less than mine.

    I've had a fairly wide range of bikes, but the one I have now is a 98 Honda Fireblade/ CBR250RR. They don't sell those in the US and I've always been an inline four fan, so thought it was the perfect bike. I've had some issues with her, so a bit frustrated but other than that, she's a great bike. Heaps of fun to ride.

    Hope to get to meet a few folks in the area and it seems like y'all post rides, so once my bike is firing on all 4 cylinders again, I'll make it a point to join up (if I can keep up ;)).

    I'm not sure how to insert a picture, so I'm gonna figure that out and get back to ya on that.

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  2. Welcome to Aus, and Netrider.
    Congrats on the record - when did you earn that?
  3. Welcome.

    Nice bikes those CBR's. My second road bike was a '89 model, loads of fun.
  4. Wow HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather! That's even faster in km/h! How on earth did you stay on?


    OldmaidOldmaid, I think we have a better test pilot for your wheels...
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  5. Welcome to NR HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather, I'm pretty sure I've said hi on another forum but I'll say hi again anyway. Hi!
  6. Welcome to NR.
  7. Welcome to OZ, HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather . There is a little oldmaid on Netrider in the process of buying a RSV4 and we love teasing her so I am guessing you will be a major part of that story very soon. Have a read of the thread - "The worst sound. in the world" and you will be ready.:whistle::whistle:
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  8. Welcome Heather!
    I've always been amused by the microscopic fragmentation of record categories at Bonneville and in drag-racing; "Fastest Time by a left-handed lady in a car manufacturer before 1949" lol
    Irrespective congratulations on your record!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the welcome, y'all.

    Set the record back in 2010. My friends at AF1 were going for a record on a beasted out RSVR, that broke so they started doing runs on the RSV4 for fun. They were all stuck around the 172 MPH mark, so they asked me to try it out. I was told, "if you can beat 172, I will literally kiss your boots." Somewhere there is a picture of me grinning like an idiot after my first pass and someone on the ground kissing my boots. Fun day.

    I've read the thread (all 11 pages). Happy to help. ;)

    Yep. It's ridiculous, but a record is a record...especially when it's mine. :)
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  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. Hello and welcome to Aus.!
  12. Welcome to the forum, where a thread topic can do a 180 degree flip faster than your speed record.!
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  13. Hey HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather Welcome to the land down under and NR.
    Yes well the only record I might be breaking is turning a beautiful Ape. RSV4R into a circus bike for midgets with the amount it needs to be lowered... I just push 5'1" on a good day so at 854mm seat height not looking good but find out this week!

    Very much look forward to pics and tales of your rides.

    Bought to you without smileys.
  14. Welcome to NR...I love my CBR1000rr Fireblade!
  15. I've gone out to watch, but not race. It's just not as much fun when you don't have friends (and your dad) that let you ride their fast bikes down the track. ;)

    :ROFLMAO: That'll be the damn sexiest circus bike any midget has laid eyes on.

    I still haven't figured out pictures, but do love to tell a good tale. ;)
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  16. OldmaidOldmaid - I think I found a grean ninja for you that might be low enough. Also no Yoshi pipe in sight. Might 'silence' the critics?
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  17. Welcome HH,

    From memory you need 10 posts before you can post pics.

    Cheers Jeremy
  18. Is that a petrol tank underneath, or a tool box?