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New to Australia and Netrider!!! From another souther end of the world!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ChileanSurg, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Guys and Gals

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a Chilean who just moved to Sydeny for 2 years. Used to do a respectable amount of riding back at home on my trusty TDM 900. Now got my a self a "brand new used bike", a Honda VFR 800 (which we don't have in Chile, BTW).

    Any suggestions for great rides around the Sydney Area? (Been researching a little, already tempted by Putty Rd)=D>=D> Motorcycle related activities? Day long rides? etc etc....

    See you around on two wheels!


  2. nice, welcome and enjoy yr stay mate!
  3. lol i'd recognise western motorcycles from a mile away...congrats on the vfr mate...and for a quick little run as i presume your local to penrith...springwood/hawkesburry road leading up the back way to winmalee/springwood ....couple little hairpins goin up the mountain and some nice long winding roads along the way there...(just check out springwood road on google...and plan whatever variation you like...it's good to kill a hour or two just on a nice afternoon and some fresh air
  4. Hello Surg - nice to have you along. That's a nice looking toy you have yourself there - very impressive.

    Google maps and google view are your friend. And the many NetRider members from that part of the world. And perhaps a quick glanse at the ride / event planner ...
  5. LOL not really local to Penrith but they had the best looking (and kept) VFR at the time on Bikesales. I'm living in the Abbotsford / Five Docks area but go to work at Westmead, so I will CERTAINLY check out Hakesbury Rd drive you mention.

    @KneeDragon: Sure hope to meet other Chilean Motorists as well!

  6. welcome mate! heard good things bout the viffers :)