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New to Austrailia

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paul Green, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I am new to Australia, I come from the UK where I had a bike for the last 14 years, I had a cruiser in the UK which I now have sold as I am here for a year or so.

    I have just bought one here in Melbourne, I have got a 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 classic without registration or roadworthy certificate.

    The bike is in mint condition

    Therefore I need to get a roadworthy Cert before I can register it and get new plate, So I am informed by Vicroads.

    I live in Hampton 3188 and I am hoping someone on here can tell me the best place to go to get my roadworthy cert, I obviously want a mechanic who is honest and will not rip me off.

    I want my bike on the road as soon as possible and desperately need assistance from you guys.

    Also can someone tell me what I should be paying a mechanic to get a roadworthy Cert

    I have a 28 day temporary cert to take the bike without plate to a roadworthy testing station.

    Please can someone let me know who and where is the best place for me to go.


  2. Hi Paul and welcome.

    Sixty Degrees is about 20k from you. I haven't used them but many members on here do and find them a good honest company.

  3. Obviously no literacy test to get into AUSTRALIA these dats.
  5. wElCoMe tO NuTrIdEr! :D

    Are you hot?

    Seemingly there isn't these DATS. :ROFLMAO:
  6. you got the joke then ?
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  7. why hot. ????
  8. no lmao
  9. Ahhhh the irony...
  10. Obviously I do not get your Ozzie Humour "Yet" being a pommie and all that lol
  11. thx justus
  12. Just a Netrider tradition to ask new members if they're hot.
  13. Hot...as in good looking...
  14. thx justus

    My wife says I am hot
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  15. My wife says I'm hot too, but I only think I'm hot in leathers... On a 40'C day... But that's a different type of hot! ;)
  16. You're in Australia now, everyone is hot.
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  17. Especially the lady in your avatar, @Brmmm@Brmmm! ;)
  18. Thanks, I'll let my wife know!
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  19. You wish :LOL:
  20. He didn't say it's his wife. He said he'd let his wife know. Never know, his wife might have the hots for the chick in the avatar. :p
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