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New to all this

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by OneawomanWandering, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I have a Vespa Scooter which I love but that is not why I joined this forum.

    I'm looking for advice/suggestions on the feasibility of modifying a homemade 'buggy' by using an electric motorbike wheel hub or similar. The lovely young man who made the buggy initially powered it with a reconditioned honda whipper-snipper motor and gearbox but this proved not to be up to the task.

    I am attempting to walk around Australia to raise awareness and funds for the Black Dog Institute to help prevent youth depression and suicide and I will be pushing the buggy. I am only looking for power for it to self-propel up hills and steep grades.

    Any advice or suggestions would be great.

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  2. Welcome to the forum.

    I applaud you on your quest! Please upload any travel pics you manage to take on your adventure, i'm sure everyone here would be glad to keep updated on your progress!

    All the best on your journey!

  3. Good luck on your quest. Have you looked at electric golf carts?
  4. Hi Tracy, and welcome.

    Could you maybe give us some more info on the current state of play?

    Given the combined expertise of (some) the folk here, you'll probably get some really good input, but, if you are half way from Melbourne to Adelaide, redesigning your trolley, or whatever you might call it, may not be too helpful.

    Personally, if I was starting from a blank sheet, I'd be thinking along the lines of a pram, fitted with electric hub motors, a la electric push bike, and a solar panel, but.......
    if you are out on the road, this may not be any help to you.
  5. Welcome aboard, perhaps if you post some pics of the the buggy that would help the ingenious members come up with some ideas for you. I think you have to have a post count of 5 before you can post pictures.
  6. Hi Cam and thanks for your reply.

    I'm back home again (Gold Coast) and itching to set out again on my second attempt. I'll be travelling anticlockwise and hope to leave by the end of February.

    Your suggestion is a good one, and infact is Plan B. I have been given a second hand bicycle trailer which I could modify and add ebike wheels.

    My main reason for wanting to persevere with the "Bobby Dazzler" (home made buggy) is that it is already rigged to take 20litres of water and has the battery and solar pannels alrwady rigged.
  7. Ah, thank you. I was wondering about how to post some pics ☺
  8. Hi.

    I think push/pull along golf buggies are too small and would never survive - and the ride-on option would be cheating ☺
  9. Aye, well, having a reasonable quantity of water "on board" is obviously a good idea.

    Could I also suggest that, if you have solar panels, the smart move is to somehow position them so you get to walk in the shade that they produce?

    Are there any rules about what you can and can't do?

    I ask, 'cos I am hard put to walk more than about 10 metres before I need to sit down for a wee rest.

    Maybe a wee wheeled igloo type of thing might be viable, where you walk inside the "thingie"?
  10. Sounds like the Bobby Dazzler is set to make a cup of tea or coffee at a moments notice :)
  11. good luck on your next adventure :]
  12. Good on you. I would say Lithium Ion Phosphate battery for lightness and power density. A charge control circuit to stop the solars overcharging. 12V to USB converter so you can charge your phone. Separate charger so you can plug in if you stop in a powered camp site. DC Brushless motors and electronic controller for speed control. See if you can get some sponsorship for parts from the battery and motor company for the parts.
  13. There are no rules, I'll be my own boss so can pretty much stop and start as I please so long as I find somewhere relatively safe to stop each night.

    The shade idea has crossed my mind....
  14. Welcome to NR...

    All the best for the Adventures.